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What Players Want to See In FIFA 16


With the release of the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Cost Range Adjustments, general public discontent has been triggered. For FIFA 15, intermittent issues have occurred including each time there is a maintenance, server lowers over and over. Only to the frustration and annoyance of many FIFA 15 players.

With gossips and rumors of a new addition to the franchise, some players have started to go over their wishlists for FIFA 16.

Improved Refereeing System
Referees are meant to be utilized for their maximum effect, just like managers. There are lists online that details each referee’s leniency. But, it is at the beginning of each game that those informations should be made easily available. What that means is, players would like to have a fast summary of the referee’s real existence statistics.

Customizations for Ultimate Team
Ultimate Team mode is the crown jewel of every FIFA game with a lot of coin making tips and tricks such as this article.However, it will still need some practical improvements. For instance, it is a gamer’s team, with the gamer putting together a squad. But in the end, it is being presented as a packaged, random team, that uses a badge from another team, playing inside some legendary stadium. There should be a choice of package design, such as badge varieties.

Availability of More Coins
After imposing cost ranges, EA happened to be inundated by annoyed fans. That was aimed at preventing gold coin-buying and other similar practices for gamers inside the game. It’s taking away revenue from EA so it’s somewhat understandable. But they’ve placed the wrong strategy of preventing it. There is limited cost ranges and it siezes control of the users. There ought to be an introduction of more game modes, challenges and possibilities to earn fifa 16 coins instead.

It almost looks like it’s virtually and globally agreed that fans want total charge of their game, so a total break from any of the features is totally excusable. From attitude, personnel to customizations. Fans should be permitted to take control.

In conclusion, there is a lot wanting from FIFA 15. And they wish to see these in FIFA 16 when it finally releases.