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FIFA 16 Price Ranges To Stay

Last year, there were argument for and against the FUT price ranges. Recently, EA Sports have made confirmations that the price ranges will stay to make the game fair for all players.

This confirmation was repeated when Gilliard Lopes replied to a Twitter query about the price ranges. He tweeted back a reply not only regarding the FUT price range status, but also as to the reason why they are firm on letting them remain:

As soon as that tweet appeared, more queries came from FIFA long-time fans. Owing to their experiences in FIFA 15 and with the not-so-satisfied fans, their inquiries went so much as the producer ended up explaining more in-depth as to how it will go about in FIFA 16. He added:  

Nevertheless, there are some who don’t agree with the FUT price ranges. As far as Electronic Arts’s side of the story goes, “The whole price ranges in 16 debate before the game is even out is pointless because everyone is basing their opinions on the 15 market. Illegal FIFA coins -> massive price inflation. People bought Messi for 4M then price ranges came in, so of course they will not sell for 400k. But in a brand new marketplace starting from scratch, without the inflation, Messis would be bought and sold for reasonable prices. ”