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FIFA 17 Rumors: New Features Expected to Be Included

For many years FIFA has been a favorite not only in the sports world but in the gaming world as well. EA sports has held the corner market on this illustrious game but could there be significant changes in FIFA 17? Of course rumors and speculations are always running rampant when it comes to a favorite soccer game and here are a few.

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Expansion of the Women’s Team

Expansion of the women’s teams? So far that is the rumor that has been circulating and from extensive research this seems to be true. Of course there is no way of saying which teams or even who could be featured in the game. Just the idea of having more female teams is truly the dawn of an era. Could women finally hold a sort of equality among sports teams in video games? Perhaps. Only time can tell. Sources spill the beans that polls of over 70 different choices were offered. Polls can be rather tedious but in the end it will certainly be exciting to see who won.

Every year EA adds new teams to their FIFA line-up. It is always exciting to see who will be the next new teams featured. Apparently it was confirmed from Andrine Stolsmo Hegerbery that her country, Norway, will be added to the line-up in FIFA 17. To solidify this claim she had included a picture of herself being scanned by the FIFA development crew.

norways natiional woman's team

Norway National Woman’s Football Team will be in Fifa 17

New Story Mode

Another rumor that could be a huge thing is the possibility of a story mode. Though, from the many sources out there, this possibility seems more like a probability since it would seem EA has hired new developers for a new mode. This would truly be a welcomed feature for those that like to immerse themselves in a rich story-line. Giving the player the feeling of being the star of the game.

With such a growing FIFA community there are always wish lists of features that spring up. EA, keeping such a tight lid on their new features, can only lead their fans wondering what is next. Many wish lists have sprung up among their fans but here is a look at the top ten that have sprung up in extensive research. Of course not all wish lists are practical for the game but many have merit.

Online Tournament and Career Mode

For many this would be the biggest of their wishes come true. It is well known that some people would create their own custom tournaments. This would enable a player to join the group or be invited. Nonetheless there has been an outcry for this feature and many players sit back with their fingers crossed. Another feature the fans would love to see is an assists on goals record. With assists on goals being a big part of the actual game many would rejoice at seeing this added.

Inclusion of clubs is another huge idea out on the gamer world. Of course this had been rumored for FIFA 16 but to see this in 17 would also have many fans jumping for joy. For many new images of managers or even, perhaps, custom made managers would be a welcomed sight. For years the fans have seen those bald older men. Since managers are a very important part of the game not only virtually but in real life seeing changes among them would be a wonderful addition to FIFA 17.

Next on the list is the outcry for full training sessions. Of course FIFA 16 has partial training sessions which help the development of characters(which is a crucial part to help making Fifa 16 coins). Though, to be fair, the addicts of FIFA would love to see the training sessions become a full instead of partial. Finally to add to the fans wish list a custom celebration and skill feature. Every player loves to have their own thing out there. Why should these be any different?

Once E3 comes along the new features will be solidified but until then we can only speculate and cross our fingers. Knowing EA and their commitment to their fans the next release of FIFA will not be a letdown. Unfortunately, for now, we’ll have to hold our breath till the full release at E3. Don’t worry FIFA fans E3 will be here before you know it!