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Fans Expected Features from New FIFA 17 Career Mode

The new soccer video game known as FIFA 17 is coming out soon and there are a number of features that many people are looking forward to. These features will enhance the game experience for players and provide them with a more innovative game. The features that many people are anticipating for FIFA 17 career mode (not the official news nor rumors) include Tickets, Contract Options, Reputation, Staffs and Statistics. It will also include other features such as Press Conferences, Create a Manager, Talk to Players, Upgrade Stadiums and Sacking News. As a result there are likely to be a number of high quality features in this game that will make it among the best versions of this game.

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FIFA17 coming out soon


FIFA 17’s first new upcoming feature for its career mode is Tickets. This feature consists of allocating money from selling tickets. With this feature players can select ticket options such as high, medium or low. If the team performs poorly at high ticket prices, attendance will decrease. Also a portion of ticket money is transferred. Therefore this provides players with a very realistic feature that will give them incentive to more carefully manage the finances of their team as well as an additional way to make more coin. This is one of the main features that many fans of FIFA are hoping to see in this game.

Contract Options

Contract Options are another feature that people are expecting for FIFA 17. With this feature players are able to have realistic contract options such as Buy Out Clauses and season bonuses. Using this feature will allow players to regulate how much certain players earn as well as the player they choose to participate with on the Career mode. FIFA fans are looking forward to seeing this feature in the game.


Those who are looking to play FIFA 17 will also expect the feature known as Reputation to be in the game. This feature will make it difficult to sign top players even with a high transfer budget. It will also consist of players refusing to join a team if it is likely that they will not be playing in the Champions League the next season. With this feature fans of FIFA will be very satisfied as it will give them another interesting part of the game. However it is up to the makers of this game to implement it.


Another feature of FIFA 17 is Staffs which allows players to hire experienced people that help keep players healthy. This feature will fasten injuries as well as minimize fatigue so that players can be able to perform at their best. Using this feature will give players the opportunity to ensure that the best talent is often on the field during games. This is another one of the main expectations of FIFA fans as it will allow them to maintain the best talent available when playing a game and hopefully the creators of this game install this feature.



The feature Statistics will be made to give players the ability to evaluate performance and compare players on the team. This will usually include stats such as how many goals a player has scored as well as how well the teams are doing both on offense and defense. This feature will bring a big improvement to ultimate team mode since it gives players a better way of assessing their progress and also help them strive for certain goals during a season. FIFA fans are hoping that statistics will be more detailed and that the developers put this into the next game.

Press Conferences

People looking to play FIFA 17 will also look forward to a feature called Press Conferences. This feature includes Press meetings which give players the opportunity to respond to questions after a game. This feature will likely be much improved and provide a more interactive experience. Since previous versions of the game were not as good as players hoped, this version should have a more comprehensive version of this feature in terms of options. This option may not be improved in FIFA 17 but it is something that FIFA fans are hoping to get.

Create a Manager

With FIFA 17 people should expect a new feature such as Create a Manager. This feature will allow them to make their own manager in terms of appearance, dress and also facial expressions. It will be very useful in terms of updating the appearance of new coaches as well as putting together a manager that fits better with the team’s image. This might not be in the game but FIFA fans are expecting the Create a Manager to be installed in the upcoming version of this game.

Players Talk and Stadium

Other features of this game will include Talk to Players and Upgrade Stadiums. The Talk to Players feature will allow players to use their manager to interact with each player on the team. This will enable players to get the manager to help give players advice on how to improve their performance during a game. Upgrade Stadiums will give players the opportunity to improve the stadium of their team by making changes and upgrades to the current stadium. Using this feature will include buying a new stadium or expanding and improving upon the current venue. Talking to Players and Upgrading Stadiums are among the features that fans of FIFA are expecting and it is up to the makers of this game to make this a part of the newest version.

FIFA17 Press Conferences
With all of these features those who are soccer fans will likely have the opportunity to play the best version of the game yet. Using these new features will make gameplay more enjoyable as well as more interactive. It will create more realism which will allow people to avoid getting bored of the game quickly. With more realism people who play soccer games such as this can have a more challenging game which will not only require expertise in playing but also the obligation of managing their team well.

Therefore these features give players the ability to manage team finances, interact with the media more realistically, use coaches to help make improve player performance and also improve the team playing facility. Therefore these features will make FIFA 17 among the top sports games available.

One thing to keep in mind about these features is that they are expected by fans of FIFA soccer and may not necessarily be in the upcoming game FIFA 17. Since fans of FIFA are always looking to play a game that gives them the best overall playing experience, they have certain expectations of each upcoming version. These are what FIFA fans expect in the upcoming game. Therefore the features mentioned are what FIFA fans are hoping to be in the game but it is up to the makers of this game franchise to actually put them into the next game FIFA 17.

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