FIFA 16 Price Ranges To Stay

Last year, there were argument for and against the FUT price ranges. Recently, EA Sports have made confirmations that the price ranges will stay to make the game fair for all players.

This confirmation was repeated when Gilliard Lopes replied to a Twitter query about the price ranges. He tweeted back a reply not only regarding the FUT price range status, but also as to the reason why they are firm on letting them remain:

As soon as that tweet appeared, more queries came from FIFA long-time fans. Owing to their experiences in FIFA 15 and with the not-so-satisfied fans, their inquiries went so much as the producer ended up explaining more in-depth as to how it will go about in FIFA 16. He added:  

Nevertheless, there are some who don’t agree with the FUT price ranges. As far as Electronic Arts’s side of the story goes, “The whole price ranges in 16 debate before the game is even out is pointless because everyone is basing their opinions on the 15 market. Illegal FIFA coins -> massive price inflation. People bought Messi for 4M then price ranges came in, so of course they will not sell for 400k. But in a brand new marketplace starting from scratch, without the inflation, Messis would be bought and sold for reasonable prices. ”

Digitally Pre-order EA SPORTS FIFA 16 on Xbox One


FIFA 16 from EA Sports is expected to be released on the 22nd of September this year. Although the game can be downloaded from Xbox before then, it will not be available to play until 00.01 Hours on the said release date.

FIFA 16 lets you play beautifully with moments of magic presented by football. To deliver a balanced, authentic, and exciting football experience, FIFA 16 innovates across the pitch resulting to players able to play in their favorite modes, at their own way. FIFA 16 brings control in the midfield and confidence in defending with innovative gameplay features. This allows players to create magic moment, more than ever before.

3 versions of EA Sports’ FIFA 16 is available to pre-order: Pre-Order, Deluxe Edition Pre-Order and Super Deluxe Edition Pre-Order.

  • Pre-Order
    This bundle includes the game plus “Bailando Robot” Celebration, “KO” Celebration and Ultimate Team Gold Packs (a mix of 12 items, including players and consumables, at least 10 Gold with 1 Rare).

  • Deluxe Edition Pre-Order
    This bundle includes the game plus Ultimate Team Lionel Messi Loan Player, “Bailando Robot” Celebration, “KO” Celebration and Ultimate Team Gold Packs (a mix of 12 items, including players and consumables, at least 10 Gold with 3 Rares).

  • Super Deluxe Edition Pre-Order
    This bundle includes the game plus “Bailando Robot” Celebration, Ultimate Team Jumbo Premium Gold Packs (a mix of 24 items, including players and consumables, at least 20 Gold with 7 Rares), “KO” Celebration and Ultimate Team (Lionel Messi, Sergio Agüero and Thibaut Courtois Loan Players).

The items mentioned above are as follows:

  • EA SPORTS FIFA 16 – “Bailando Robot” Celebration
    Be the first to use the new “Bailando Robot” celebration when you pre-order FIFA 16 today!


    FIFA 16 innovates across the entire pitch to deliver a balanced, authentic, and exciting football experience that lets you play your way, and compete at a higher level. FIFA 16 – Play Beautiful.

  • EA SPORTS™ FIFA 16 – “KO” Celebration
    Be the first to use the new “KO” celebration when you pre-order FIFA 16 today!

  • EA SPORTS™ FIFA 16 Ultimate Team™ Gold Packs
    A mix of 12 items, including players and consumables, at least 10 Gold with 1 Rare.

  • EA SPORTS™ FIFA 16 Ultimate Team™ Lionel Messi Loan Player
    Start your FIFA Ultimate Team season with Lionel Messi on your squad for 5 games.

  • EA SPORTS™ FIFA 16 Ultimate Team™ Lionel Messi, Sergio Agüero and Thibaut Courtois Loan Players
    Start your FIFA Ultimate Team season with Lionel Messi, Sergio Agüero and Thibaut Courtois on your squad for 5 games.

How to Vote for FIFA 16 UK Cover Star


By visiting EA Sports’ voting portals and contributing extra points to the cause, or by showing your support on Twitter and playing FIFA 15, you can back your favorite football player.

EA Sports are giving fans the opportunity to put their favorite player on the front of select FIFA 16 covers, for the first time in FIFA franchise history.

Who joins Lionel Messi on the cover of the game in Australia, France, Latin America, Mexico and the United Kingdom, will be decided on by all FIFA players from June 16 until July 5.

There is a certain number of eligible athletes for each of the five participating regions. These athletes will vie for the position alongside global cover athlete Lionel Messi. For United Kingdom, the cover candidates are Thibaut Courtois, Jordan Henderson, Sergio Aguero and Harry Kane.

Visiting your respective country voting pages is how you can vote. Once there, it’s as simple as selecting the player you want on the cover, confirming your choice and your vote has been cast.

You earn one point for each vote you cast. Until the voting closes on July 5, you can vote like this once a day.

To cast additional votes, there are a few ways. You can share your support on Twitter every time you vote. This way, your favorite players gets an extra 10 points.

By playing FIFA 15, you can also give them more points. You will be given the option to link your Origin ID when you vote for your player through the portal. Actions you perform in FIFA 15 will go towards your favorite player’s vote once linked.

The below are points earned through FIFA 15:

  • half a point for every game you play in FIFA 15, regardless of mode
  • half a point for every game you win in FIFA 15, regardless of mode
  • a quarter of a point for every goal you score in FIFA 15, regardless of mode

Regardless of the clubs, players or modes you choose, points from in-game play are rewarded. In order to earn points this way, you must have your Origin ID linked.

The same login you use to access other online features for FIFA 15, such as the FUT Web App or Pro Clubs, is what your Origin ID is. All users of EA SPORTS titles should already have an Origin ID.

For all regions, voting for the FIFA 16 cover ends on July 5. On July 8, EA Sports will reveal the winners and the actual covers.

Improve the Ultimate Team Edition for FIFA 16


Come Autumn 2015, the Ultimate Team Edition of FIFA 16 will be for sale. It has been confirmed to be available for PS4, PC and laptop, and the Xbox One. However, EA Sports, EA and EA Canada have not yet officially confirmed versions for other consoles and operating systems. Players of the football season 2014/2015 will be featured in FIFA 16 and the Ultimate Team (FUT) mode. In Jun 2015, FIFA 16 will be announced at the E3 conference in Los Angeles. It will then be possible to pre-order the game a few weeks or months after the announcement. Players can get a lot of free stuff like packs and players if they pre-order FIFA 16 before the release in Sep 2015.

Recent changes in pricing for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team has been recently addressed by EA Sports, and met with angry backlash from numerous fans. “Leveling the playing field” for all players and combatting illegal coin farmers and sellers was the main goals for EA’s drastic move. According to EA Sports in a blog post, “FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) should be fair and fun for every player. What are we trying to achieve with these changes? It’s simple – we want to keep the game fair and secure for everyone, and ensure a level playing field for all FUT fans.”

Ulitmate Team’s current format requires players to buy football players, create a squad, pick a formation and, optionally, assign a manager. Although players are able to set custom tactics when starting a game, these won’t be saved and continued to the next match. Most players would rather prefer to have the team sheet functionality a part of the squad configuration. That means that these settings were set per squad, and also possible to copy them onto other squads. And since no one knows anything about their next opponent anyway, it makes no sense to configure these things per match. The Xbox versions of FIFA games have had extra players for Ultimate Team, including legend players, for the last two years. That cannot be expected for those who are picking up the Xbox 360 or Xbox One versions of FIFA 16.

This modus has been played by million of players worldwide. However, they have ignored the second popular modus, which is Career. EA Sports has stated at the end of summer 2014 that a small team was dedicated to making FIFA 16 and FIFA 16. The most popular and best playercards to be expected are Messi, Ronaldo, Rodriquez, Ronaldo, Benzema, Robben, Costa, Ibrahumovic and some top players in Europe.

Currently, the standard gold packs’ average Return on Investment (ROI) is around -60%. That means one will lose 6 for each 10 FIFA coins they spend on a pack. It’s pretty simple why the ROI is not 100%. Until they found the players they wanted, at 100% ROI, everyone would be able to open packs indefinitely. Also, that means that the rarest playercards will flood the market. That requires for their prices to drop to ~0, effectively removing the incentive of using real money to buy packs. A lot of players are very bored of the gold pack system and decide to buy fifa 16 coin themselves for their own guaranteed enjoyment.

Ultimate Team has to improve and there’s a number of features and fixes for EA to consider if they want FIFA 16 to be the best football game on the planet.

What Players Want to See In FIFA 16


With the release of the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Cost Range Adjustments, general public discontent has been triggered. For FIFA 15, intermittent issues have occurred including each time there is a maintenance, server lowers over and over. Only to the frustration and annoyance of many FIFA 15 players.

With gossips and rumors of a new addition to the franchise, some players have started to go over their wishlists for FIFA 16.

Improved Refereeing System
Referees are meant to be utilized for their maximum effect, just like managers. There are lists online that details each referee’s leniency. But, it is at the beginning of each game that those informations should be made easily available. What that means is, players would like to have a fast summary of the referee’s real existence statistics.

Customizations for Ultimate Team
Ultimate Team mode is the crown jewel of every FIFA game with a lot of coin making tips and tricks such as this article.However, it will still need some practical improvements. For instance, it is a gamer’s team, with the gamer putting together a squad. But in the end, it is being presented as a packaged, random team, that uses a badge from another team, playing inside some legendary stadium. There should be a choice of package design, such as badge varieties.

Availability of More Coins
After imposing cost ranges, EA happened to be inundated by annoyed fans. That was aimed at preventing gold coin-buying and other similar practices for gamers inside the game. It’s taking away revenue from EA so it’s somewhat understandable. But they’ve placed the wrong strategy of preventing it. There is limited cost ranges and it siezes control of the users. There ought to be an introduction of more game modes, challenges and possibilities to earn fifa 16 coins instead.

It almost looks like it’s virtually and globally agreed that fans want total charge of their game, so a total break from any of the features is totally excusable. From attitude, personnel to customizations. Fans should be permitted to take control.

In conclusion, there is a lot wanting from FIFA 15. And they wish to see these in FIFA 16 when it finally releases.