FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Coins Making Guide

Gamers all around the world eagerly anticipate each year’s release of the latest installation in the FIFA series, and FIFA 17 is no different. While FIFA 16 divided gamers into a love-hate relationship, the latest edition has taken huge strides to improve gameplay, so with FIFA 17 on the shelves, it’s time to get back out onto the virtual pitch.

One of the best features of recent FIFA games is the Fifa Ultimate Team (FUT) mode, which allows players to build their own Champions League-level squad from scratch. FUT offers thrilling contests and tournaments for online play, making it one of the most popular ways to play the game. The only catch: to unlock packs of some of the best players available, you need to earn gold coins. Lots of them. So if you want to get in on the FUT action, including qualifying for the new FUT Champions League, follow our guide to earning tons of Fifa 17 gold coins:

If you are planning to purchase fifa 17 coins instead of making them yourself, it’s recommended to take a look at to find out which supplier is offering the best price.

Market Trading Strategies

There are a multitude of market trading strategies that can earn you some serious coin, and we’ll highlight a two of the more effective ones:

One of the most consistent ways to have the coins flowing in is by buying low and selling high on player cards in the market, exploiting differences in price. Start by compiling a list of players that you know are in high demand, and that many players are looking to purchase for their Ultimate Team (guys like Ibrahimovic, Messi, Ronaldo, etc). These players don’t need to just be the very elite ones however, as long as they are high quality and in-demand. Once you have a target group of players, search for their cards on the market, and pick out the lowest “Buy Now” price.

Take that price, add around 200 coins to it, and put the player right back out on the market. This is an immediate buy and sell strategy, and while 200 coins per player may not sound like an extremely appealing profit to make on each transaction, it is an easy way to generate a steady flow of coins to increase your budget.

fut 17 logo

A key to executing this trade strategy is remembering that the market for players is extremely fluid, and can change on a day-to-day basis. Keep up with recent events in the real world of football, as they will influence the market demand for specific players. For instance, if Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang scores a hat trick in the Bundesliga, the demand for him will go up. If you buy his card immediately after he nets his third, you may still be able to find a deal on his card, allowing you to profit more on selling him back on the market.

Keep repeating this process, and you can net yourself a decent number of coins without ever having to play a match. If you’re looking for a bigger return on your trading strategies, then you can try a longer term strategy of buying and holding players.

Buying and holding players can net you many more coins, but it is a slightly riskier strategy. The goal of this strategy is to buy players that you think are currently undervalued on the market, then wait until their value goes back up to sell them at a higher price. Or a popular player for the squad team building. The risk involved here, of course, is if the player continues to struggle, and his value drops even further. Then you’re stuck with him.

The upside to this strategy though is just like when you buy cheap stocks in the stock market, there is an opportunity to make a ton of coins if the value of that player suddenly shoots upward. You can buy a player for cheap and then turn around and make a killing off him. There are two specific different strategies that we suggest you try to with this.

One, purchase a player who has a reputation and history of being great, but is currently in poor form. If you have reason to believe that he will bounce back sometime in the near future, you can buy him for a low price and sell him for a lot more once he bounces back, because the demand for him will return and push his price higher.

Two, purchase a player directly before an upcoming easy stretch in his fixtures, even if you feel that his current price is not super cheap. The reason for this is that players facing a string of poor clubs are more likely to have breakout performances, which will boost their value and market price. For instance, if Manchester United is set to take on a pair of poor quality opponents in back-to-back weeks, it may be a good time to purchase Zlatan Ibrahimovic, with the intent of selling him after a couple of stellar weeks.

fut 17 team building

The sooner you can snap up players on the market the better, because the longer the game has been out, the more coins players will have, meaning that players on the open market are cheaper to begin with, but will become more expensive once there are more coins flowing around in the game.

Coin Boosts

If utilizing the trading market doesn’t sound that appealing to you, don’t worry. You can still make a good number of gold coins by just playing the game. The best way to do this is by using the coin boost features, which will increase the rewards for the matches that you play. These are highly sought after in the FIFA catalogue, so make sure you get them as soon as you can.

Coin boosts can offer things like 1,000 additional coins for 10 straight matches, which can quickly boost your gold total and allow you to pursue better player packs.

Good Old Fashioned Gaming

While there are lots of tricks of the trade to increase your gold coin total, nothing is more tried and true (and less risky) than just playing the game until your thumbs fall off (okay, don’t play quite that long). Entering single player and FUT Champions tournaments will always pay off in gold coins, and while it may not be the quickest way to build your budget, it will hone your FIFA skills at the same time. Continue to grind your way up the divisions in the single players league, and take your chances at winning a cup whenever you get them. Another option is playing your way through the The Journey campaign, which will give you player packs as you progress, which you can then turn into gold on the player market.

Work Your Friend Group

When all else fails, it’s time to con (or beg) your friends into helping you out a bit. See if your friends have any top shelf players that they can spare, and make sure you let them know how much you would appreciate a little bit of help. Maybe your friend has been luckier with their player packs, or maybe they just have no life and have accumulated way too many players through sheer volume of gameplay. Either way, any players they could send your way could really help you in your pursuit of making FIFA gold.

FIFA 17 is already proven to be yet another engaging and addictive game from EA Sports. Follow this guide to rake in the gold coins, and start dominating the FIFA Ultimate Team.

fut pack

How to Safely Purchase Fifa 17 Coins

Ultimate Team returns in FIFA 17, and with it, the infamous FIFA Coins currency. Every FIFA player knows that to build the greatest team of legends to adorn the pitch, you’re going to need thousands, if not millions, of Coins. In FIFA 17, there are a variety of ways to get Coins, such as completing challenges, selling players you no longer use and winning online multiplayer matches; however, it could take months, if not years, to save enough Coins to get the best players when you use these methods.

Enter the real money trading, or RMT, market, a collection of websites that will sell you FIFA 17 Coins in exchange for cash. Before rushing off and throwing your hard-earned money at the first site you find selling FIFA 17 Coins, take a moment to educate yourself on the process so you can stay safe from dangers such as fraud and identity theft.

Background Check

The first thing to do before even considering a purchase from any RMT website is to do a background check. Sites such as WHOIS and Alexa can give you all of the information about a site that you’ll need, such as who owns the domain, the origin country of the website and much more. However, there is one category that stands out above all others: the age of the website. If an RMT site is under five years old, there is a high chance it is nothing more than a scam. Frequently, scammers will quickly put up an RMT website selling items such as FIFA 17 Coins, amass a few thousand dollars in sales and disappear without a trace, leaving customers without money or Coins. While this isn’t true of every new RMT website, try to stick to ones that have a few years of operation under their belt. However, if you find a newer RMT site you want to purchase from, there is a way to test them, as you’ll see in the next section.


Whois sample of Looking at the creation date, this site has been in the industry since 2009.

Reach Out and Say Hello

The next step is one you should always perform each time you buy Coins from any FIFA 17 RMT website, even ones that have been around for years: Contact their customer service. Reputable sites will answer inquiries quickly and professionally, similar to any other online store. If you’re struggling with what to ask a customer service representative, you can ask them what the current delivery speed is on FIFA 17 Coins and how much stock they currently have on hand. Reputable websites will answer both questions with accurate numbers with a moderate grasp of the English language; if you get a response that is vague and hard to read, you’ll want to steer clear from purchasing Coins from that particular site.

Safeguard Your Privacy

While not a necessary step, some FIFA 17 Coin buyers take some extra precautions to ensure their identity remains as safe as possible. One popular way to protect yourself is to visit and purchase FIFA 17 Coins from websites while your browser is in Incognito Mode. While Incognito Mode only stops your browser from saving a record of the sites you visit, some consumers feel safer when taking this extra step. Likewise, make sure to log out of your account after purchasing Coins from an RMT website, change your password frequently and never visit an RMT website on a public computer. However, there is one important thing you should always remember: Never give your FIFA 17 account password to anyone.

Choose Your Payment Method Carefully

No matter which RMT website you buy your FIFA 17 Coins from, the one thing they’ll all have in common is a broad array of payment options. From well-known payment methods such as PayPal and Western Union to niche methods such as Skrill and CashU, some customers aren’t quite sure which one to select. In fact, some RMT websites even let you input your card number directly! To get the most protection for your hard-earned cash, always opt for PayPal; their purchasing protection is some of the best in the business and, in the event of a scam or a problem with your Coins, PayPal will work with you to get your money back. Never input your card number directly into any these websites, as there is just too much of a risk of getting your numbers stolen due to lackluster website security.


PayPal is a good choice when you want to use RMT service.

Limit Your Purchase Amounts

One of the biggest mistakes any novice to the world of buying FIFA Coins for real money can make is buying massive amounts of Coins at one time. Developer and publisher Electronic Arts is always on the lookout for players who purchase Coins from outside sources and, if you’re caught buying Coins from RMT websites, the company will ban your FIFA 17 account. Purchasing hundreds of thousands of Coins at one time for one single account is like holding up a giant sign that says “I’m buying Coins from an RMT website!”

If you’re not looking to get caught buying Coins, you’ll want to purchase smaller amounts and spread your purchases out over a few days. For example, picking up 5,000 Coins on a Monday and 20,000 Coins on a Thursday will give off the impression of a legitimate player who is simply selling some unwanted cards. Some players even create multiple FIFA 17 accounts they can use to help spread Coins around; for example, buying 20,000 Coins for five different accounts is more inconspicuous than buying 100,000 Coins on one account.

The Right Time to Buy

When purchasing Coins, you’ll want to make your transaction in-game look as legitimate as possible. To do that, you’ll want to try to make your purchases and exchanges during the weekend, as this is both when the most players are online, and the most Coins trade hands. On the weekend, Electronic Arts will find it difficult to determine whether your influx of Coins was due to outside buying or just in-game trading, opting instead just to leave your account alone altogether. If you must get a few Coins on the weekdays, opt for smaller amounts and save your big purchases for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Safety First

Following these rules will ensure that you’re only buying from reputable RMT websites and keeping yourself safe. In the event something does wrong, you have multiple failsafes to fall back upon, ensuring that you can recover your money. However, as long as you take time to research a potential RMT website selling Fifa 17 Coins, you won’t find yourself in any danger in the first place. Fortunately, there’s a website called listing several reputable Fifa 17 suppliers with an option to compare their prices

mmobux - price compare sample

Fifa 17 price comparison sample from

Guide to Build a Budget and a recommended Gaming PC for FIFA 17

You don’t need me to tell you why you want to play FIFA 17. When you build the right computer, you’ll have superior performance for graphics, online play and the general gaming experience. This guide will walk you through the parts you need to build a budget gaming PC that can handle FIFA 17. There are two builds: “save some money” and “go for gold.” The money saving build will achieve the minimum specs necessary to run FIFA and save you a little cash in the process. The “go for gold” build is based on parts that will enhance the experience, run FIFA at higher quality and give you access to PC tools that can even extend beyond playing a single game.

building a gaming pc for fifa 17

Minimum and Recommended Specs


The bare minimum to fun FIFA 17 are as follows:

  • Windows 7 or higher (64-bit)
  • Intel i3-2100 (3.1GHz) or AMD Phenom 965 Quad-core or AMD Athlon II Quad-core
  • Radeon R7 260 or NVIDIA GTX 460
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 50GB of free hard drive space


The recommended specs will ensure a smoother performance:

  • Windows 7 or higher (64-bit)
  • Intel i5-3550k (3.4GHz) or AMD FX-8150
  • Radeon R9 270 or NVIDIA GTX 660
  • 8GB RAM
  • 50GB of free hard drive space

Picking the Parts

pc parts for fifa 17


This is always the starting point because it will determine which motherboard you need and, consequently, the compatibility of the rest of the parts. Choosing a processor means joining the age-old debate between AMD and Intel. The general consensus is that Intel processors can outperform AMD, but when it comes to sheer power for your dollar, AMD is usually the cost-effective choice.

Save some money: AMD FX-6300 – $99.99

Go for gold: Intel i5-3550 3.3GHz – $219.99

There are two important notes for these processor choices. The budget-oriented AMD processor chosen here is a cut above the minimum settings, but it’s difficult to find a CPU for less than a hundred dollars that isn’t used. This option gives you more capability and future-proofing outside of playing FIFA, making it a safe choice. There are a ton of different i5’s on the market. This is the least costly you can get that still meets your needs. If you get anything with higher performance, it will cost more and likely won’t impact any performance, but it may hold up better after a few years of use.


The selection here is a bit more obvious. You want a motherboard that is compatible with your processor. True enthusiasts might look into options for overclocking, extra USB 3.0 ports or other small factors, but the truth is that a motherboard that works with either of these processors will be modern and effective. My following recommendations are compatible with the corresponding processors above. For clarity, the AM3+ works with the AMD processor and the LGA1155 works with the i5.

Save some money: Gigabyte AM3+ – $78.99

Go for gold: Gigabyte LGA1155 – $69.99


Getting RAM is important for your computer, but usually getting enough is more important than which type you get. While a newer RAM type, DDR4, does exist, it isn’t fully utilized in the PC market yet, so stick with the standard DDR3. Since the two requirement sets both list 8GB, there isn’t much difference in your RAM choices on this one. Brand really doesn’t matter for this part, but you want to make sure whatever RAM you do get is paired (buy your sticks in twos) and PC sized, rather than laptop sized.

Save some money: Kingston HyperX Fury 2x4GB – $37.90

Go for gold: Corsair Vengeance 2x8GB – $74.99

Graphics Card

This is the component that actually has the biggest impact on performance. Once again you’ll find yourself in a brand debate, but this time it is between AMD and NVIDIA. The consensus is much less clear on this one, as the two companies frequently surpass each other in performance. I will make recommendations based on affordability at the time of this writing, but graphics cards are the part of computers that are changing the most rapidly, so you may find more cost-effective options with a little searching. The good news is that either brand will be compatible with the rest of your system, so it’s really a matter of getting the best bang for your buck.

Save some money: GeForce GTX 1060 – $199.99

Go for gold: MSI R9 390 – $328.99


Picking a hard drive is more important than it seems. Outside of gaming, the hard drive will impact the speed of your computer more than any of these other parts, as it is usually the limiting factor in performance. For the most part, you have two major routes to take: platter drive or solid state. Solid state drives are much, much faster than platter drives, but you’ll pay a lot more per GB of storage.

Save some money: WD 1TB – $49.99

Go for gold: Samsung SSD 500GB – $164.99

There’s a third option that can get you the most bang for your buck. You can actually get two hard drives, one solid state and one platter. For the solid state, get a minimum of 80GB and you can use it to install and run your operating system. For the platter drive, get at least 1TB and use it to store your downloads, pictures and other data. The two combined will cost a little less than the Samsung drive I listed, and you’ll enjoy the performance of solid state with much more space for videos, games and everything else.

Power Supply

The only real rule for power supplies is to make sure you have enough juice to run your equipment. In almost every case, the graphics card will determine what size power supply you need. Regardless of what you choose from my recommendations, a 500-watt power supply will take care of you and leave you a little extra juice for other goodies. If, however, you want to look into using multiple graphics cards in the future, you’ll need a supply of 1000 watts.

Save some money: EVGA 500 – $37.48

Go for gold: Sentey 725 – $44.99


You need something to hold all of these parts together, and the case is just that something. Your options range from a simple, small case to extravagant customized options that can easily tear a hole in your wallet. These days, it would be difficult to find a case that isn’t compatible with all of your parts, so there is no worry there. The biggest part of choice here is size. Bigger cases are cumbersome, but they have more options for expansion and customization. As someone who enjoys water coolers and frequent upgrades, I always get a full-sized case. If you’re not looking to tear your build apart every few months, a mid-size should do fine. This is more about what you want than what you need.

Save some money: Corsair Mid Tower – $49.99

Go for gold: Thermaltake Full Tower – $103.00


If you want to game on a laptop, you need some special considerations. The average workstation cannot handle heavy graphics processing, so these laptops are recommended specifically because they do well with FIFA and other games. A low-end price of $1,289 makes it clear that you have to pay a little extra for the convenience of a laptop.

laptop to run fifa 17

Save Some Money

The HP Omen is a gaming laptop with plenty of capability. It runs on a solid-state drive, so you’ll get zippy performance. You may want to consider an external hard drive to supplement the limited storage.

Go for Gold

As far as laptops go, the MSI Titan is a monster. Designed for VR, you’ll be hard pressed to find a laptop on the market that can game better than this beast. The thing to remember about laptop performance is that it is limited by size and cooling. This laptop, at the pinnacle of performance, will handle FIFA and other games somewhere in between the low-cost and go-for-gold PC builds I recommended. The price of $2,199 feels high, but you have everything you need in one purchase.

FIFA 17 Pre-order Comparisons

Fifa 17 is a new upcoming association football video game in the FIFA series scheduled to be released on September 27, 2016 with several new features. Just like in previous games there are always advantages in pre ordering your next game before its release date. In the previous games if you play weekly and keep the best players in your league and have points left. They will simply be added once you upgrade to your next FIFA game which will save you money in the long run. And some previous games have the option in the games menu if you want to excess a code for the new game.

In regards to FIFA 17 there are three pre-order editions. You can purchase your pre-order with participating retailers most will come with added bonuses. The three editions are standard, deluxe, and a super deluxe edition. These are all available until the official release date. These editions are made specifically towards the type of player and fan you are. How much money a person is willing to spend is always up to the player that wants to buy the game.

Editions Explained

The standard edition is suitable for your standard fans and those that are unfamiliar with FIFA looking for a starting game. The standard edition is basic and simple for PC, mobile, and participating consoles. If you don’t have previous games in the FIFA series standard is the edition you will want to use. The deluxe edition is perfect for more advanced players and for players that play on a regular basis. These editions tend to cost a little more but can be offered with more bonuses. Most importantly when purchased it best to take advantage of the weekly offers as you play. Super deluxe edition is for hardcore players that play for hours a day. And players who want to start their campaign with a few of the world’s best players on their own squad.

fifa 17 pre order compare

Retailer Comparison

The basic analysis of bonuses between each edition will vary. The reason being is it depends on the retailer. It will also depend on whether it is for your computer, phone, or game consoles. Some of the bonuses are the same across the board as far as price and similar pre-order bonuses. Some of the pre-order bonuses will allow the lowest priced to be offered as to how much you will pay altogether. It’s best when purchasing online to always make sure you read the terms and conditions to discounts and shipping prices.


fifa 17 ps4 coverOn the website if you pre-order through them they list the editions and bonuses you will receive. For the standard editions for Xbox One and PS4 includes the game, up to five FUT tokens worth up to fifteen dollars. You will also receive eight match FUT loan players, and five special edition kits. The deluxe edition is the game and up to sixty dollars worth of jumbo gold packs. Three match FUT team of the week loan player, and the eight match loan players, and the special edition loan kits. The super deluxe edition is the most expensive and strictly digital. But if you pre-order now you’ll receive up to one hundred and twenty dollars worth of jumbo packs.


Now if you get onto and compare prices with pre-order bonuses they will be slightly different for each edition. For Xbox One and PS4 the standard edition it will cost around sixty dollars. And the bonuses such as five draft tokens, one loan player for eight matches. The deluxe for both consoles is set for twenty jumbo gold packs, twenty FUT reams of the week loan players for three matches. You also have one loan player for eight weeks, and five special edition kits. The super deluxe edition is digital only and they have terms and conditions, that the price will decrease by the end of the release dates you’ll receive lowest price.

Xbox Store

Now if you are strictly for Microsoft Xbox whether 360 or Xbox One. If you pre-order through the Xbox store with all three editions you will have a month trial offer for EA access. This goes along with the special edition packs, loan players, and other offers. Having that special access into EA is special for the sports games. You get weekly deals for loan players and points when win your games. This will help you when your ultimate team. And if you are a fan of the FIFA series EA access will help you get the upcoming game and save some money.

If you are looking to purchase FIFA 17 the most cost effective is to pre-order before the official release date. And if you work it just right you will have great promotion bonuses for your next edition. Every game in the series always improves with every new game. What’s great is it is totally up to the player how much you want to spend. And more specifically what edition you feel most comfortable with. This upcoming game in the series is expected to be the most improved and best one yet.

fifa 17 xbox one bundle

Fifa 17 Bring Changes to Set Pieces

EA has released more information on a new Fifa 17 feature that is all about Set Pieces. Fifa 17 completely revamps how they are going to work. Hopefully, it will benefit the game without many glitches. It’s known that every time the developer brings new features and mechanics to the game, there are going to be bugs and technical problems. And sometimes, it might not even work.

This is another gameplay change in Fifa 17 after the physical play overhaul. Before we take a look at what the new Set Pieces system is, let’s take a look at the official description. It is a complete rewrite from set piece, to direct free kicks, corner kicks, penalty, and even throw-in

If you are planning to purchase fifa 17 coins instead of making them yourself, it’s recommended to take a look at to find out which supplier is offering the best price.

Fifa 17 Set Pieces Rewrite

“From free kicks to penalties to corner kicks, inject personality and experience control from every dead ball situation. “

In Fifa 16, it is extremely to score a goal with free kicks if you have a decent free kick taker. It should be harder in Fifa 17. Once sometime becomes too easy, it will be less fun when we score. If you know that 9/10 time you get a free kick, it will finally turn into a goal in the end. This is not something to excite about at all.

With the new free kicks system, we can now kick the ball in a different style, angle, and even different spot. It’s up to a player decision what way they would like to turn the ball in. We might even be able to execute the famous banana shot from Roberto Carlos by extremely spinning the ball.

Direct Free Kicks

“Customize your run up on free kicks to create more variety in the spin and movement on the ball. You can now delivery worldies like outside of the foot direct free kicks that bend around the opposition. “

It will be definitely incredible if the new free kick system works. In addition, we will be more excited when getting the free kick since we can do many ways with it. And, hopefully, it’s not going to be very easy to score a goal or have any glitch or bugs.

New Corner Kicks

“A new targeting system from corners lets you pick out teammates with greater precision and changes the way your teammates move as you delivery the pass. Switch to a player in the box and have your teammate pick you out for the perfect header. “

This mechanic, however, isn’t something new at all. It is quite similar to Fifa 16 that you can select a player and move him around to get the ball cross in during throw-in. EA might want to make it better since only a few player uses it in Fifa 16.

Fifa 17 Corner Kicks

New Penalty Kicks

” Move freely in your run up on the ball, approach from different angles and at different speeds, and put some personality on your penalties to take control from the spot. “

This sounds really amazing. It means we get control on the penalty taker not just only to choose a direction. And it’s going to be more awesome if we can deceive the goalkeeper with it.

User Controller Throw-Ins

“Walk the line to gain a better position on your throw. Fake your throw to keep your defender guessing. And throw it with pace to a teammate.”

It is very simple addition yet makes the game more realistic. You can now move along the line to get a better throw-in position. This also means that we might be able to move the wall up during free kicks. A fake thrown-in can give an advanced advantage to a person who takes the throw.

This completes the set piece overhaul in Fifa 17. They sound really good and we all hope that it will be good or even better when the game releases. Don’t miss Fifa 17 news with our news summaries!

User Controller Throw-Ins

New Fifa 17 Feature Physical Play Overhaul Explained

Because of the bad reputation in Fifa 16, EA has revamped Physical Play in Fifa 17 giving hope to all Fifa fans. Although we might not fully know what “Physical Play Overhaul” is about, we can expect what it will be in the game based on gameplay video and its description on the official site.

The new overhaul is explained on the official Fifa website as “A transformation in the way players physically interact in all areas of the pitch. Control is now in your hands as you battle for space and possession.”

It can be a good addition to Fifa 17 next to the Squad Builder Challenge. However, as we know, it can be totally different when the game finally comes out. It might even never work at all.

If you are planning to purchase fifa 17 coins instead of making them yourself, it’s recommended to take a look at to find out which supplier is offering the best price.

Physical Play Overhaul

Pushback Tech

The first mechanic mentioned in the Physical Play Overhaul is called “Pushback Tech”. It “innovates in trapping, dribbling, physics, and defending to create true-to-life battles for position and the ball. This is especially important when you want to control the ball and buy time for a teammate to make a run or get into a supporting position. “

The Pushback Tech sounds really promising since we can get more control of the ball and prevent the opponent team to steal it from us. In Fifa 16, several times we come up against a player that always slides up the ball and successfully steal the ball without any chance of defending. With the mechanic, we can prevent this by using a big player to hold the ball and pass to other players.

New Physical Interactions

The second mechanic, New Physical Interactions: ”player interactions come to life in realistic details across the enter pitch, like goalkeeper collisions, across body tackle, 50/50 battles, jostling while ball is in the air and ball controls while shielding”.

Unlike the Pushback Tech, this mechanic might give concern to a lot of players. Normally, the more physical interaction developer team adds to the game, the worse the game is and the more frustrated we get.

Based on the description, it sounds like the penalty kicks will be given more often because of a goalkeeper. Hope that this time, it’s not going to be a 100% free kick or penalty in every jostling and goalkeeper collisions.

360 Degree Shield

The final mechanic, 360 degree shield “New proximity based shielding will help you fend off opponents and keep possession. Defenders can be shielded out as you dribble in any direction.” This feature is quite interesting in itself but we need to wait and see when the game comes out.

Squad Builder Challenge – New Mode in Fifa 17

“Find players, Build squads, and Exchange for rewards”

A lead producer from Fifa 17, Garreth Reeder, gave a talk on the new feature added in Fifa 17 called “Squad Builder Challenge“. Basically, it is about building a squad with certain requirements using the players you have. Then exchange them for rewards such as a rare player or even Fifa coins.

As stated by the lead producer, EA team have been working on Squad Builder Challenge for a very long time. They want players to use all player cards in the most useful way. While playing Fifa 17, you will be getting a lot of players that sometimes you do not want them.

Some people might buy packs and sell stuff they do not want immediately. EA team do not want this to happen. Instead of throwing away unneeded players right away, you can trade them at a later point in the new challenge for awesome rewards such as rare players, Fifa coins, and more.

If you are planning to purchase fifa 17 coins instead of making them yourself, it’s recommended to take a look at to find out which supplier is offering the best price.

garreth reeder

Different Challenges

There is a different kind of challenges in the new builder including different leagues and puzzles. Some challenges you might even need to give some bronze, silver, and gold players. It means all players, bronze or gold, are necessary.

Several challenges are available at once. Each has different requirements, rewards, and even remaining days. Some might give you 5 days to solve while the other might give you 6. Some are repeatable and some aren’t. Some challenge you might need to provide the extra bronze player, silver player, and even gold player. Do not afraid to trade them since a better reward is waiting.

The puzzle challenge group, such as Hybrid Nations, comes with requirements related to nationalities. For example, “Two Nations” challenge, you need to exchange a squad made up of two nations with at least 60 Chemistry. For “Triple Trouble“, it’s going to be 3 nations and “Quad” for 4 nations. Of cause, a harder challenge comes with better rewards. After you complete all puzzles under “Hybrid Nations” you are going to get group rewards such as a world class player.

There is also the challenge related to leagues. Similar to Hybrid Nations, this time, you need to only use players from a certain club in order to earn rewards.

Current Known Requirements:

  • Team Chemistry – A minimum/maximum amount of team chemistry you must have
  • Team Overall Rating – A minimum/maximum amount of team over rating
  • Player from a club/league – A certain number of player from a certain club/league you must have
  • Nationalities – A certain number of player from a specific nation you must have. Sometimes you need to have 1 Italy player. Sometimes it is going to be your team can have a player from exact 4 different nations.
  • A number of players in the Squad: An amount number of players you need.
  • Bronze/Silver/Gold – A certain number of bronze/silver/gold players you must have.

In the squad builder challenge, you need to use every player you have in your club to meet all challenge requirements. Because of this, it is necessary to never throw away any player since you are going to need it someday in the future. This might be a good way to make coins in Fifa 17.

Squad Builder Challenge in Short

Choose a challenge >> see requirements >> find players on the transfer market or packs >> complete the squad >> meet requirements >> exchange squad for rewards.

fifa 17 squad challenge sample

Still, we haven’t known much about the career mode, just only rumors from fans.

Latest FIFA 17 News Summaries

“The obvious objective of video games is to entertain people by surprising them with new experiences” said Shigeru Miyamoto, Japanese game designer and creator of classics such as Mario, Donkey Kong, and The Legend of Zelda. EA Sports has taken Miyamoto’s wisdom to heart as they have developed FIFA 17, the latest installment of the popular video soccer game. Andrew Wilson, FIFA CEO, promised in a press conference last month that FIFA 17 would be “a major step forward in personalisation, immersion and competition.” Though the game maker has kept most of the details secret, several interesting facts about FIFA 17 have leaked out in the past few months. The following are highlights of some of these latest leaks and speculations.

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March: Norway’s Women Are In

Last year FIFA 16 made history with the first time inclusion of women’s teams which generated much excitement. This buzz has continued this year when it was rumored that FIFA 17 would add the Norwegian Women’s team. This has been one of the most successful national teams in women’s competition as former European, World Cup, and Olympic champions. Word leaked out that the team will be included in FIFA 17 when Andrine Stolsmo Hegerberg Norway’s midfielder posted an Instagram picture of a photo session with the game developers followed with the hashtags “#fifa17.”

Also making FIFA 17 headlines in March was much online speculation about who would be the male player featured on the game’s cover. Lionel Messi of Barcelona has been the “Mr. FIFA” for the last four game editions beginning in 2013. But a couple of developments have fueled speculation that a new athlete will be featured on the upcoming FIFA 17 cover. First, Messi’s contract with EA sports expires this year. Also, the outstanding play of Madrid’s James Rodriguez and Jamie Vardy from Leicester City, the surprise champions in 2015, make them both contenders for the new game’s cover.

norway national female soccer team

Norway National Female Soccer Team will be playable in Fifa 17


April: Release Date Speculations

messi cover for fifa 16

Messi or Mr.Fifa on a Fifa 16 cover.

In April speculation about the early release FIFA 17 demo made news online. Gamers are hopeful that EA sports will follow last year’s example, when they released the early version in September 2 weeks before the actual release date of the game. The release was actually not a beta or demo version, but FIFA 16 real version with some restrictions. It was limited to Xbox1 users, and gamers could only have 10 hours of play. Later in the spring, speculation fueled hopes that FIFA 17 would be previewed at the annual Electronics Entertainment Expo(commonly called “E3”) in Los Angeles June 14-16. This is an industry-insiders-only convention to promote upcoming games. Gamer experts took special notice when EA announced it would host its own convention in LA just two days before lasting from June 12-14, with a press conference set for June 12. It will be held at Club Nokia@LA in downtown Los Angeles and will include opportunities for play of demo versions of upcoming games, though it has not been officially announced that FIFA 17 will be one of those games. Fans hope that demo or beta versions will be unveiled at that event, which will be mirrored in a sister EA convention in London at the same time.

Also, much discussion took place in April among the online fan blogs about the release date of the actual full game as the wait entered the final six month countdown. Believed to have been in development since 2015, FIFA 17 will be released sometime in September 2016 most industry experts forecast. Traditionally, the previous versions have hit the market toward the end of September, usually after the 20th of the month. James MacArthur, writer for the fan website “FIFA 17,” analyzed the release dates of the previous last five years and made a prediction in April. He writes, “Considering the release dates in the US only, we expect FIFA 17 release date to be September 23, 2016.”

May: Will Jiangsu And San Marino Make The Cut?

With just one month to go before the Los Angeles EA convention, FIFA 17 excitement centered around which teams and leagues would be included. Online polls of fan favorites for new leagues to be added to the upcoming FIFA 17 may influence EA to consider some new additions like what they have done in the past. Currently, voting has made the Israeli Premier League and Turkish second tier league the fan’s first and second choices respectively. The third choice is Germanys’s third tier league. New teams expected to be added to the 650 teams from FIFA 16 are the Glasgow Rangers, Jiangsu Suning, and perhaps even San Marino. Glasgow had been dropped from the team list in FIFA 16 due to a contract dispute. Jiangsu, a leading team in the Chinese Super League, is making a major bid to be in FIFA 17 mainly because of superstar Alex Teixeira’s addition to their roster with a $50 million contract. San Marino’s hopes for inclusion rest not on their record, which is dismal, but to a fan petition demanding the small nation’s team be added to FIFA 17.

San Marino football team

San Marino is expected to be included in Fifa 17

June: Ignite Is Out, Frostbite In

While the gaming world waited for a explosion of game news with the advent of the EA and E3 conventions in mid June, early June news of FIFA 17 still continued to leak out. Leading those stories was the change of engines for the upcoming edition. Previous FIFA versions had used the Ignite engine as its technological platform, but FIFA 17 will move to the Frostbite engine. Created by DICE, the team that brought Battlefront to life, Frostbite has powered such games as Star Wars Battlefront and Need For Speed. Also creating buzz among fans was the disappointing speculation that a street version would not be part of the FIFA 17 game. Some gamers had hoped this is what CEO Wilson’s “great leap forward” was referring to, but insiders seemed to dash that hope when they pointed out in June a street mode would go counter to EA’s FIFA philosophy–develop a game that offered realism.

While it is difficult to separate fact from fiction from fan speculation in the world of FIFA 17 news, one fact seems certain. Excitement and anticipation will continue to mount until the game’s release this September.

Fifa 17 is going to use Frostbite engine, the same way SWBF did.

Gameplay in Star Wars BattleFront made by Frostbite Engine.

July: Marco Reus on the Cover, Release Date Confirmed, And New Career Mode

marco reus on fifa 17 coverWith the big title from EA Sports comes FIFA 17 and the cover star? Borussa Dortmund’s footballer Marco Reus. It was an honor to be on the cover, Reus said, to be on what is an exclusive group of football players that join the ranks as FIFA cover players. The news came as over 3 million fans pitched their vote, and Reus came out on top. The other top pics included James Rodrigues, Anthony Martial, and Eden Hazard.

The release date has finally been announced and is scheduled for September 27 in the US and September 29 for the rest of the world. Interesting, since it was developed by EA Canada.

But the release has some new content that is sure to grab the attention of the fan base. While it still contains the necessary play modes such as Ultimate Team, the game is introducing an additional type of career mode termed “The Journey”. In this mode, you begin as an up and coming Premier League recruitment. The mode is filled with intense cut-scenes and cinematic to make it more involved than just the standard career mode.

In The Journey mode you’re in control of a single player, and begin by signing for your choice of 20 English Premier League teams. A story line drives the backbone of The Journey’s path, as you, Alex Hunter, and your best friend Gareth Walker see rivalry and friendship to the all stars. It’s not quite clear if the storyline is dynamic, but it’s known that you’re able to choose options in conversation – i.e. you select how to respond to coaches, the media, and your team.

The game boasts a new physics engine and that puts the graphics in top ranking. But, as with all sports games, the end result is how the game actually feels to play. There have been some major improvements to game play with the addition of adjusting run-up and delivery angle to free-kicks and throw-ins and there are additional aiming cursors for accuracy and reliability.

Sample from the "Journey"

Sample from the “Journey”

The grounds you get to actually play are varied, but Middlesbrough’s Riverside Stadium is available as well as the new location that was officially confirmed is Suita City , the Football Stadium that is home to Gamba Osaka.

However, hands-down The Journey is the biggest addition to the game, and should add a unique, almost RPG-style element to the game, if you so choose to play it. If not, there is always the standard career mode. That, with the new physics engine and some additional physics and movement optimizations, this game should be best in class for the year.

You can pre-order the game as disc or download to receive multiple benefits in Ultimate Team mode, like Team-of-the-week loans.

Published by EA Sports, “FIFA 17” is set to be released for the PS 3, PS 4, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, Android, and iOS. You can watch the official trailer below:

August: New Game Trailer, Mobile Application, Pro Clubs Improvement, and Transfer Budget Leaked

EA Sports has released a new trailer for FIFA 17 showing its great graphic developed by new Frostbite engine. Not only that, we can clearly see the player and manager change from last summer such as Jose Mourinho and Ibrahimovic in Manchester United, Kante in Chelsea, and more. In addition, new celebrations, moves, and other signings are also shown.

fifa mobile coverA new mobile application was released featuring a fresh approach to squad building, Attack Mode, and daily live content. Plus, a new online league is included in the mobile application as well allowing players all around the globe to have a competition together.

The online league mode allows individuals to join with their friends and others around the world to find out which one has the best football skills. A player can build their own team and create a bigger club here. Victory belongs to those who have a better power controlling the field, abilities to playing a game and having greater players. A themed token is rewarded in this application that can be used to redeem free packs and players.

The game is designed in an innovative Attack Mode, a built-in turn-based basis matches where one will only play their teams attacking chances in each half and then pass the game to their adversary. It is quick, easy, and suitable for all types of player.

player growth rating in Fifa 17EA Sports has also announced on their website regarding the Pro Clubs improvements by introducing a new system called Player Growth system. The new feature was pulled from earlier games which based upon fan feedback. EA Sports states that the game is designed to assist players in improving their gameplay level

The developer listened to supporters comment by providing a customizable Custom crests and Kits as well as improving player growth and indicating a match rating. EA has also included a trait option where a player selects from a variety of features to give them a room for growth. It will bring a new level of identity to the Pro Clubs Season

EA Sports released the new rating for hundreds of football players based on their performance in both league and cup last year. The players include Eden Hazard, Petr Cech, Phillip Lahm, Toni Cross, Marco Reus, and many more. They also released the top 50 players at the official site.

Budget for all 20 Premier League team have been leaked a month earlier than the official release date. Manchester United have the highest budget at the amount of £106,040,664 following by Manchester City (£100,981,972), Chelsea (£84,256,840), Arsenal (£76,501,448), and, surprisingly Stoke City (£68,928,672). Burnley have the least budget at £26,352,166 which is around £70m lower than Manchester United.

Fans Expected Features from New FIFA 17 Career Mode

The new soccer video game known as FIFA 17 is coming out soon and there are a number of features that many people are looking forward to. These features will enhance the game experience for players and provide them with a more innovative game. The features that many people are anticipating for FIFA 17 career mode (not the official news nor rumors) include Tickets, Contract Options, Reputation, Staffs and Statistics. It will also include other features such as Press Conferences, Create a Manager, Talk to Players, Upgrade Stadiums and Sacking News. As a result there are likely to be a number of high quality features in this game that will make it among the best versions of this game.

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FIFA17 coming out soon


FIFA 17’s first new upcoming feature for its career mode is Tickets. This feature consists of allocating money from selling tickets. With this feature players can select ticket options such as high, medium or low. If the team performs poorly at high ticket prices, attendance will decrease. Also a portion of ticket money is transferred. Therefore this provides players with a very realistic feature that will give them incentive to more carefully manage the finances of their team as well as an additional way to make more coin. This is one of the main features that many fans of FIFA are hoping to see in this game.

Contract Options

Contract Options are another feature that people are expecting for FIFA 17. With this feature players are able to have realistic contract options such as Buy Out Clauses and season bonuses. Using this feature will allow players to regulate how much certain players earn as well as the player they choose to participate with on the Career mode. FIFA fans are looking forward to seeing this feature in the game.


Those who are looking to play FIFA 17 will also expect the feature known as Reputation to be in the game. This feature will make it difficult to sign top players even with a high transfer budget. It will also consist of players refusing to join a team if it is likely that they will not be playing in the Champions League the next season. With this feature fans of FIFA will be very satisfied as it will give them another interesting part of the game. However it is up to the makers of this game to implement it.


Another feature of FIFA 17 is Staffs which allows players to hire experienced people that help keep players healthy. This feature will fasten injuries as well as minimize fatigue so that players can be able to perform at their best. Using this feature will give players the opportunity to ensure that the best talent is often on the field during games. This is another one of the main expectations of FIFA fans as it will allow them to maintain the best talent available when playing a game and hopefully the creators of this game install this feature.



The feature Statistics will be made to give players the ability to evaluate performance and compare players on the team. This will usually include stats such as how many goals a player has scored as well as how well the teams are doing both on offense and defense. This feature will bring a big improvement to ultimate team mode since it gives players a better way of assessing their progress and also help them strive for certain goals during a season. FIFA fans are hoping that statistics will be more detailed and that the developers put this into the next game.

Press Conferences

People looking to play FIFA 17 will also look forward to a feature called Press Conferences. This feature includes Press meetings which give players the opportunity to respond to questions after a game. This feature will likely be much improved and provide a more interactive experience. Since previous versions of the game were not as good as players hoped, this version should have a more comprehensive version of this feature in terms of options. This option may not be improved in FIFA 17 but it is something that FIFA fans are hoping to get.

Create a Manager

With FIFA 17 people should expect a new feature such as Create a Manager. This feature will allow them to make their own manager in terms of appearance, dress and also facial expressions. It will be very useful in terms of updating the appearance of new coaches as well as putting together a manager that fits better with the team’s image. This might not be in the game but FIFA fans are expecting the Create a Manager to be installed in the upcoming version of this game.

Players Talk and Stadium

Other features of this game will include Talk to Players and Upgrade Stadiums. The Talk to Players feature will allow players to use their manager to interact with each player on the team. This will enable players to get the manager to help give players advice on how to improve their performance during a game. Upgrade Stadiums will give players the opportunity to improve the stadium of their team by making changes and upgrades to the current stadium. Using this feature will include buying a new stadium or expanding and improving upon the current venue. Talking to Players and Upgrading Stadiums are among the features that fans of FIFA are expecting and it is up to the makers of this game to make this a part of the newest version.

FIFA17 Press Conferences
With all of these features those who are soccer fans will likely have the opportunity to play the best version of the game yet. Using these new features will make gameplay more enjoyable as well as more interactive. It will create more realism which will allow people to avoid getting bored of the game quickly. With more realism people who play soccer games such as this can have a more challenging game which will not only require expertise in playing but also the obligation of managing their team well.

Therefore these features give players the ability to manage team finances, interact with the media more realistically, use coaches to help make improve player performance and also improve the team playing facility. Therefore these features will make FIFA 17 among the top sports games available.

One thing to keep in mind about these features is that they are expected by fans of FIFA soccer and may not necessarily be in the upcoming game FIFA 17. Since fans of FIFA are always looking to play a game that gives them the best overall playing experience, they have certain expectations of each upcoming version. These are what FIFA fans expect in the upcoming game. Therefore the features mentioned are what FIFA fans are hoping to be in the game but it is up to the makers of this game franchise to actually put them into the next game FIFA 17.

Do not a single Fifa 17 from our latest news summary!

FIFA 17 Rumors: New Features Expected to Be Included

For many years FIFA has been a favorite not only in the sports world but in the gaming world as well. EA sports has held the corner market on this illustrious game but could there be significant changes in FIFA 17? Of course rumors and speculations are always running rampant when it comes to a favorite soccer game and here are a few.

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Expansion of the Women’s Team

Expansion of the women’s teams? So far that is the rumor that has been circulating and from extensive research this seems to be true. Of course there is no way of saying which teams or even who could be featured in the game. Just the idea of having more female teams is truly the dawn of an era. Could women finally hold a sort of equality among sports teams in video games? Perhaps. Only time can tell. Sources spill the beans that polls of over 70 different choices were offered. Polls can be rather tedious but in the end it will certainly be exciting to see who won.

Every year EA adds new teams to their FIFA line-up. It is always exciting to see who will be the next new teams featured. Apparently it was confirmed from Andrine Stolsmo Hegerbery that her country, Norway, will be added to the line-up in FIFA 17. To solidify this claim she had included a picture of herself being scanned by the FIFA development crew.

norways natiional woman's team

Norway National Woman’s Football Team will be in Fifa 17

New Story Mode

Another rumor that could be a huge thing is the possibility of a story mode. Though, from the many sources out there, this possibility seems more like a probability since it would seem EA has hired new developers for a new mode. This would truly be a welcomed feature for those that like to immerse themselves in a rich story-line. Giving the player the feeling of being the star of the game.

With such a growing FIFA community there are always wish lists of features that spring up. EA, keeping such a tight lid on their new features, can only lead their fans wondering what is next. Many wish lists have sprung up among their fans but here is a look at the top ten that have sprung up in extensive research. Of course not all wish lists are practical for the game but many have merit.

Online Tournament and Career Mode

For many this would be the biggest of their wishes come true. It is well known that some people would create their own custom tournaments. This would enable a player to join the group or be invited. Nonetheless there has been an outcry for this feature and many players sit back with their fingers crossed. Another feature the fans would love to see is an assists on goals record. With assists on goals being a big part of the actual game many would rejoice at seeing this added.

Inclusion of clubs is another huge idea out on the gamer world. Of course this had been rumored for FIFA 16 but to see this in 17 would also have many fans jumping for joy. For many new images of managers or even, perhaps, custom made managers would be a welcomed sight. For years the fans have seen those bald older men. Since managers are a very important part of the game not only virtually but in real life seeing changes among them would be a wonderful addition to FIFA 17.

Next on the list is the outcry for full training sessions. Of course FIFA 16 has partial training sessions which help the development of characters(which is a crucial part to help making Fifa 16 coins). Though, to be fair, the addicts of FIFA would love to see the training sessions become a full instead of partial. Finally to add to the fans wish list a custom celebration and skill feature. Every player loves to have their own thing out there. Why should these be any different?

Once E3 comes along the new features will be solidified but until then we can only speculate and cross our fingers. Knowing EA and their commitment to their fans the next release of FIFA will not be a letdown. Unfortunately, for now, we’ll have to hold our breath till the full release at E3. Don’t worry FIFA fans E3 will be here before you know it!