FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Coin Making Guide

This Fifa 16 Ultimate Team Coin Making Guide aims to provide insider tips and tricks for every one who want to have their pockets full of coins without having to spend their time wastefully on an unproductive technique. All of the below strategies here have proved themselves to be successful to many players and they are quite easy to follow such as Making Money Off One Player and The Best Time to Sell.The most important thing of all, the core part of the guide, aims to give you know-how on how to have enough funds to purchase your favourite players and fully enjoy the game, not to be overstressed with making gold.

Reminder: Be sure to bookmark it since this article will be updated continuously when a new successful technique has been tested!

If you are planning to purchase fifa 16 coins instead of making them yourself, it’s recommended to take a look at to find out which supplier is offering the best price.


Invest in Potentials Instead of Stars

The FIFA 16 Ultimate Team transfer market is a lot like real world stocks; you buy the stocks at dirt-cheap prices and sell them for a hefty profit. In this case, the stocks are players. Look for players who are in-form in real life and are relatively famous in the football world. Don’t go for a complete unknown, but don’t go for huge stars like Messi or Ronaldo. Buy the player at a decent prize within your budget that won’t make you go broke, then sell the player for at least 300 more coins, Remember, don’t set the price too high or that won’t buy. For instance, if I buy Marchisio for 2,000 coins, I’ll sell him for between 2,300-3,000 coins. Anything higher may turn away potential buyers.

Eye on TotW and TotY

Team of the Week and Team of the Year releases offer some of the best times to buy and sell players. TotW players are usually revealed every Wednesday at around 12-1 PM EST. A day or two before Wednesday, prices drop because players are trying to sell their player cards in order to buy a TotW player. Buy the players affected as a result of the market crash, then the day after TotW is released, sell them for a little (about 100 coins) above their average price or set the price up so you make at least a 300 coin profit.

As for the TotY, market prices will be at an all-time low since people are selling their players for cheap to be able to buy ToTY players. Swoop in, buy the now cheaper players, and sell after TotS is released for a net profit of at least 300 coins.

Any player that’s Gold will be a good choice for this trick.

Making Money Off One Player

Monopolizing on one player is a greedy but highly effective way of earning quick fifa 16 gold. First, just like the beginning method, find a popular player within you budget. I will use Marchisio again. Go to the market and search for the player you chose and keep looking for him until you find his lowest price. Say Marchisio’s lowest price was 2,400, you’ll add about 200 coins and then subtract 5% (EA tax) to get the average price. In this example, Marchisio’s average price is 2,600 (with tax it’s 2,470) coins. With this information, keep bidding low on the same player, then sell him for the average price. If a bid ever goes over the average price, stop bidding and pick a different auction of the same player. Keep doing this and you should make a monumental profit in a little under an hour.

Note: It’s ideal to try this when you have at least 10,000 coins. This trick works best on gold players worth over 2,000 coins.

A star like Thomas Muller is good to be in a team squad but not that good to make a profit with.

A star like Thomas Muller is good to be in a team squad but not that good to make a profit with.

The Best Time to Sell

It’s a fact: the UK is the most popular region where Ultimate Team is played. Sell your players at a time when most UK players will be active. If you live in the States, it’s probably a good idea to sell around 12 PM EST to take full advantage of the influx of players.

If you are planning to purchase fifa 16 coins instead of making them yourself, it’s recommended to take a look at to find out which supplier is offering the best price.

Buy Contract Cards in Bulk

We all know that contract cards are extremely important. EVERY FIFA 16 UT player needs a contract card, no matter their skill set. These cards are the very things that allow you player to play on matchday when his matches hit zero. They are arguably the most important consumable in the game, which is why you should you use them to your advantage since there’s ALWAYS going to be a demand for some contract cards. Buy 20 or so cards at a time, all for around the same price (e.g Buy 20 cards for 200 coins each) then sell them off for about 300-500 coins for a MASSIVE profit. Selling contract cards will always be a surefire way to earn money because the demand will always be there.

Extra Tips

Here are some miscellaneous tips that don’t fit under one category. Stay up to date with our fifa guide and what’s going on in the footballing world. If Diego Costa or any other player happens to be on a fine run of form or had a good game, that would be a good time to sell him (if you have that card of course) and balloon up the prices. Keep listing your cards throughout the day. Don’t give up because one auction failed. Lastly, don’t expect to get rich quick. All these methods require time and PATIENCE.

As always, have fun playing FIFA 16!

Is There a Way to Get Free FIFA 16 Coins?

Your parents were right about plenty of things, but if they told you that there’s “no such thing as a free lunch” they never factored into that equation changing times, hackers, scammers and folks eager to get something for nothing. Is there anything wrong with wanting something for nothing? Not in the literal sense. Whether it’s a free lunch, a Thanksgiving turkey, BOGO deal or—well, FIFA 16 Coins—just about everyone can turn into a bargain hunter. That said, when it comes to online gamers pinning their hopes on the outcomes of their teams, being lured into a “free coin acquisition” scam can be tempting.

A quick Internet browse is all it takes to discover page after page of people, companies and consortiums promising you avenues for nabbing free FIFA 16 coins. How can you breeze by them? But realizing that these folks don’t give a whit about your gaming experience. They want to troll your computer for information so they can undertake whatever nefarious moves they please to access your accounts and personal data. Your love of the game can be the access they need. Your wisdom about how the game is played is always your best defense.

 Image courtesy of hyena reality at

The Truth about Hacking and Generators

What do hackers and generators want? Your soul. They want Social Security numbers, bank account access, your social media network—heck, they probably want your mom’s maiden name since it’s likely one or more of your passwords. Their specialties come down to an even five: Phishing scams (FREE FIFA 16 coins!!), a back door to your computer in the form of Trojan horses so thieves can help themselves to your gaming data and drive-by downloads, during which time a virus is smuggled into your system under that compelling FREE FIFA 16 coin guise. Hackers are also password thieves extraordinaire and they give thanks every day for open Wi-Fi, where naïve gamers are so busy playing, they don’t encrypt files or update programs as often as they change passwords.

Wandering among cyber pirates eager to lavish more riches upon you than your parents on your birthday, they promise anything and everything to get you to bite. You want free coins? You want free points? How about wanting both without having to pay a penny in costs and fees? Simply supply your user name, platform, the amount of free coins you want, complete a survey, give them your cell phone number and voila! It’s Las Vegas without the heady sounds of payoff coins dropping into the well of your slot machine. If you want to hand over your identity in the name of the game you love, nobody can stop you—but don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Safer Alternatives to Getting Coins

Having put on your hiking boots and slogged through the jungle of people who want to scam, trick and exploit you, it’s time to look into other ways—safer ways—of getting FIFA 16 coins that are legit. These three alternatives might satisfy your inner gambler:

Use the One Player Strategy

Pick one player to trade and forget about other players on the same team. That player may appeal to another gamer who has no clue about the market value of your pick and if you want to sweeten the deal, you can upgrade your transfer list. How to figure out which player to use as bait in this type of transaction? Use your skill as an observer and gamer—in addition to your intuition–to identify players with the most future star potential and “sleepers” who tend to play under the radar. In other words, figure out who, in your opinion, shows the most potential and go with him (or her)!

fifa 16 player preview tool

Employ the Mass Bidding Method

You already know that it’s not “all about the bass” but about the team chemistry, right? You’ve got team colors down and you can ID green lines in the dark, but if you want to acquire FIFA 16 coins via a more creative route, use the player preview tool for a better look at how reconfiguring the team with just the addition of a particular player can literally and figuratively change the game for you, thus garnering both cred and coins. You’ll need to know how much said player will set you back if you decide to take out your cyber wallet, factoring in 5-percent tax compensation to see how you fare. Gamers profit from this sort of transaction as long as they are savvy and understand nuances involved with finding the right price while thinking through moves.

Earn Coins the Old Fashioned Way

And that is by parlaying your initial 500 coin bankroll into a windfall. First, scope out Browse Packs on your favorite vendor’s menu, access complimentary packs and undertake a review of heavy hitters, managers, kits and stadiums with such forethought, it rivals making a job or relationship decision! If it turns out that you wind up with players who are useless, undertake a quick sell and get your nest egg back into your account. You could also send a player or consumable (coaches, staff, etc.) back home. You must be a serious player if you don’t want to buy coins, so being a student of the sport requires you to study hard. You’re going to have to pay your dues literally by committing to drafts, tournaments and matches.

Look into Coin Buying

If all else fails, this can be your last resort if you’re willing to take the risks. However, you need to research very well in order to find the more trusted coin sellers. There are hundreds of them out there, and treading in coin supplier waters can be a bit tricky. There are several factors you need to consider when making your decision: reliable customer service, fast delivery, and previous buyers’ testimonials. For the last part, there are also review websites out there where you can read a lot of customer commendations and complaints about these shops.

The Final Word

Raise your hand if you suffer from a lack of patience. Thought so. You probably also haven’t learned that the FIFA 16 game is played best when the brain is fully engaged and you know your stuff. Of course it’s the easy road; getting in bed with unscrupulous characters promising you free FIFA 16 coins (because you’re not thinking with your brain), but it’s also a great way to become so depressed, you wouldn’t be the first gamer to ditch the pastime you love best. In the end, accept the fact that until you move from neophyte to expert, you will have to spend some money for your coins—in exactly the same way you must pay tuition to go to college.

Messi wink FIFA 16 celebration

That said, one of the best ways to educate yourself is to read, read and play. Why the double tap on read? Because we’re talking about your education, soon-to-be master gamer. You’re always going to need coins. It will be up to you to earn them smartly or purchase the coins safely, and as an up-and-up participant in this activity, you may want to join legions of others who want to keep their favorite entertainment from turning into a scandal that can threaten its future.

Keep this in mind: Every time a gamer patronizes a scammer, the game is put into jeopardy, so your identity isn’t the only thing that can be compromised if players insist upon looking for that free online lunch. As EASports reminds us, it’s about chasing the win, excelling at managing squads, making wise decisions and progressing. And as new rules are put into effect to thwart coin farmers, your advocacy on behalf of this online gaming niche makes a powerful difference.

5 Recommended Fifa 16 Coin Suppliers

EA Sports has come up with some clever new security measures to help thwart bot makers from roaming cyberspace and altering the going prices or working to separate markets so the amount of coins being sold is affected. Because EA Sports is the first to admit that there’s no way to stop unscrupulous coin sellers, the company’s goal is to make it difficult for defrauders to create illegitimate coins passed on to unsuspecting gamers, so these new security Band-Aids will temporarily protect fans eager to engage in this exciting online hobby.

As a discriminating gamer, you may already be savvy about the marketplace, knowing that it’s easy to be lured into buying FIFA coins from unsavory vendors. To make sure you don’t wind up buying from them, we’ve evaluated reputable sources and feel confident that you can’t go wrong if you patronize the following five vendors when you are ready to buy as many FIFA 16 coins as your budget can handle.

Koala Credits

#1 Koala Credits

Starting with the best one. If you’re already a fan of Koala Credits, you’re probably nodding your head vigorously. Is that adorable koala bear part of the reason this website is currently in our number one position? Perhaps. And despite being the new kid on the block (Koala Credits is just five years old and was launched by five gamer friends), it’s already earned a solid reputation for customer loyalty, honesty and simplicity. Unlike other websites devoted to the sale of virtual gold coins, this one is far from complicated, so if you hate navigating page after page of text to find out how to download your FIFA 16 coins, welcome to your new BFF. And while the cartoon on the homepage with the “live support online tag” is a cute koala, we’ve been assured that the human expert behind the bear is your conduit to getting your hands on the FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Coin without a growl.



No, the acronym doesn’t stand for My Mama Oversees my Gaming Activities, but it could. This Hong Kong-based website claims to be one of the first “professional mediators of online gold” with eight years of operation to prove it. Citing enough positive customer ratings to impress anyone seeking recommendations, MMOGA offers 24-hour support and an outstanding price-performance ratio. How fast can you expect to get your FIFA 16 coins? Delivery of virtual currencies via e-mail takes about 24 hours, so let your fingers do the buying and if they’re nimble, you’re in business. If you’re looking for bargains, MMOGA promises to deliver on the mother lode, so visit the site to see what’s up and make our number two pick for FIFA 16 coins your home-away-from home into the future.


#3. Guy4Game

Despite its name, girls are welcome to visit this site and staff isn’t shy about bragging about its product or services. Established more than a decade ago and based in the U.S. (with branches in Canada and China), covering the globe is just the start of the benefits you receive if you choose this as your number one FIFA 16 coin resource. You’ll feel right at home on this company’s website: everyone from their security guards to the company president are wildly passionate about online gaming and brag that their technical support team members are the baddest hardcore gamers of all. Virtual products are put on the fast track. The moment an order comes in, Guy4Game offers a “no limitation” refund policy (unless you’re dealing in Rift Platinum using coupons) and if you need your order customized, personalized or even supersized, just ask. Prices are excellent, delivery is speedy and staff stands behind its “100-percent safe” promise.


#4. FIFACoinsBuy

Just in case English isn’t your first language, this website is going to make you one happy customer since you can opt for buying information in a multiplicity of languages that range from Arabic and French to Chinese and Russian. Think of this site as your personal United Nations translation service. Eager to measure up to competitors, FIFACOINSBUY is a newer online shopping location, but they like to remind skeptics that over 10,000,000 sports fans visit the site annually and 100,000 of them purchase regularly. Extolling the benefits of having 150 staffers keen on playing FIFA games and coins that are 100-percent handmade, there are enough checks and balances on this website to assure you that transactions, personal data and delivery promises are serious business for this international website, so you can trust that your buy is going to be expeditiously and safely handled.


#5. Igsky

The name is quirky. Their reputation is solid. As one of the first “online gold suppliers on the European market,” Igsky has been pleasing customers for eight years because not only do they offer a wide variety of game-related products, but if you frequent their website, you will find it’s extremely customer-friendly and you won’t run into inflated pricing. Visit the site 24/7 and follow prompts that take you through the process of purchasing and you can expect them to check on you even after your FIFA 16 coins are delivered because they’re a little bit obsessive about customer satisfaction. How hard is the process? You indicate your server on the FIFA 16 order page and have at it! Fast downloads and the live chat tab won’t disappoint.

According to News Hub, it’s getting harder to sell FIFA 16 coins because too many shenanigans are going on when it comes to dealers more interested in making a profit than keeping the video game coin of the realm on the up and up. To steer clear of the shenanigans, you now know who to do business with.

Guide to Buy Coins Safely in Fifa 16

There is nothing much more talked about in the gaming community as coin buying. Although there are actually risks to it, many still resort to this easy solution to their coin needs. This article will walk you through how to buy fifa 16 coin safely including strategies to choose a legit supplier with reasonable price.

And if you try to see how EA has been responding to this issue, you will realize that there is a rather mediocre move on their part too. For example, watch any FIFA event and probability is, you can see one or two YouTube personality in there who is sponsored by a coin selling site. The sites being the origin of this practice. No matter what people think, I still believe that EA doesn’t have the resources to stop all the coin selling site there is. Because as soon they ban one, another one appears. Why, you ask? Because demand for them remains high. Many players will still prefer to buy coins than buy millions worth in packs and get nothing from them. So how do you go about doing this, if the need arises? We tell you how.

FIFA 16 Coins

Buying Fifa 16 Coins Safely

Purchasing FIFA 16 coins from a 3rd party RMT supplier is considered as a risky activity by many people. But a lot of them still would like to do it because it’s an easy way to enjoy the game more, without having to spend hours and hours in order to have enough fund for their favorite star. Or worse, spending hundreds of dollar on the game pack without getting anything in return.

Buying Fifa coins isn’t risky at all if you know how to do it safely. Here’s how:

Bot Coins Vs. Glitch Coins

Most of the RMT suppliers uses two ways to farm gold: bot coins and glitch coins. Bot coins is about digging down to the ultimate team market and finding out which cheap player can be sold high automatically. It’s the same way as buying stock. Aims for the cheap one and has a possible to grow high. Then, sell it when the time is right. However, only a patient person who has an eagle eye will be able to do this, and RMT suppliers are just one of them.

Glitch coins is seriously more dangerous. It’s about hacking the system itself to generate free coins. But, of course, it’s not hard at all for the Fifa administrator to track the source of this hacked gold and ban all account related to it.

But how do you know which supplier use the bot coins and which one use the glitch coins. Actually, there’s no way to know it. However, this is not a thing you should worry about. The reputable and trusted suppliers know their roles and the risk of selling glitch coins. They will not do it as it could harm them in the long run. Since I have been buying fifa coins since the Fifa 14, my account never get banned. One of the reason is I only purchase from a reputable supplier.

Use Different Accounts and Buy in Small Amounts

Register different accounts and buy coins from each of them. When you have the coins, you can then transfer them between your different accounts. This also works if you want to buy coins in large amounts, by splitting them up into smaller amounts and placed on your different accounts.

Trade the Right Cards

Set a reasonable amount for the cards that you were trying to trade. When buying coins, choose the cards that have decent prices.

Find the Right Time to Trade

Wait for weekends, especially when the league is about to end, or the release of the Team of the Week. During these time, prices will usually fluctuate because of several player deals. You can then use them to conceal yourself while buying coins. EA will find it rather difficult to determine if the trading going on was indeed coin buying or not. I usually wait for these times to buy my own coins.

messi on the fifa 16 cover

Choosing a Legit Supplier

The most important process in buying FIFA 16 coins is to choose the right supplier for it. Whether your plan to exchange some dollars into FIFA coins will be successful or not is mainly based on supplier you are dealing with. And, of course, this is the main question for all buyers, especially a beginner, to ask how to choose a reliable supplier when there are hundreds of shops out there. There are 7 steps I usually do when I want to try a new legit supplier and it never disappoints

me. Read on.


A good and reliable shop should have been running in this industry for quite a while already. They would know how to make the selling process as smooth as silk without a chance for your account to get banned. And Whois is an important tool to help us check a shop’s history including who is running the site, origin country, and registration date.

Of course, some information could not be trusted. We all know that most of the suppliers are from either China or Hong Kong although it shows the country of residence as the United State in Whois. But that doesn’t matter at all. What we want to take a look at here is, the registration date. If any shop is just registered within a year, avoid them. It proves that they are a newbie in the field or even a scammer that just set up an RMT shop to scam your dollars.

On the other hand, if any shop has been running for more than 5 years, they are quite trusted.


Http:// is a web traffic data and analytics tool developed by Although the number and calculation isn’t that accurate, since it can only gather data from those who installed its plugin, it gives us a general idea of the number of traffic on a site.

When you take a look at it, remember: the lower the better. From my personal experience, any suppliers that have an Alexa of less than 1.5 million could be somehow reliable. It means that they have some amount of customers using their coin-selling service already. Usually, a new and scammed supplier will have an Alexa of more than 5m or, worst, n/a, which means the data isn’t enough to estimate traffic.

English Proficiency

Please do not misunderstand me. This is not about discrimination about language at all, but it means how professional the supplier is. Think of it as something like when you care for something, you will make that thing good although you might not necessarily be good at it. Of course, FIFA 16 coins suppliers are usually from either China or Hong Kong, which is the biggest RMT marketplace in the world. Their English, especially for suppliers from China, might not be good since it’s not their first language. But from my experience, a reliable supplier usually has good English on their site in all sections.

Customer Review

NEVER be tempted by a long list of super positive testimonials from a supplier website since this part could be easily made by the supplier itself. And avoid any site that only has amazing reviews. A legit customer review should be a mix between positive and negative in several sentences, not something like “I love this shop”, “It’s so good”, “Fast and cheap”, etc.

Instead, look for a 3rd party review website where a customer could leave their ‘real’ feedback like Trustpilot or It’s more reliable this way.


Customer support will give you an idea how reliable the supplier you are planning to use services from. A trusted and professional supplier can answer all of your questions politely, quickly, and, of course, with good English. If any supplier takes too long to answer your simple question like “how long when the gold be delivered”, avoid them.

I personally love to contact support before buying FIFA 16 coins although I have been using their service several times already. This is to make sure that they have enough stocks for me and ensure a delivery speed within timely manner. Frankly, sometimes I even chatted with them as a friend and ask stuff about their hometown. Think of it as a cultural exchange.

Payment Gateway

Payment gateway is a very sensitive issue. If you put your credit card information carelessly into whatever supplier site, you have a chance to be scammed. Maybe next day in the morning, you will find out that your credit card was used in buying a product that you haven’t even heard of. You would want to end up in this situation, as clearing up a credit card bill can be an absolute pain in the a*s sometimes.

It’s quite a rare sight to see a legit supplier collecting credit card information directly at their site. Instead, they will use a reputable payment gateway like PayPal, ClickBank, Skrill, and so on. And it’s definitely recommended to pay only through these gateways. At least, you could file a dispute and ask for a refund in case your FIFA 16 coins will never be delivered.

Account Information

Remember: a supplier does not need your account information in order to give you gold. If you find any site asking for it, abort any transaction. However, sometimes they might ask for your personal information and even request you to show your ID card. This is quite a normal procedure especially when purchasing a large amount of order to verify that you are indeed a real customer, not a scammer. Truth be told, they are afraid of getting scammed like you as well. But make sure to cross out your sensitive information such as ID card number, license number, and so on before sending it to them. They just only want to see your name on a card.

With these 7 steps of verification, your chances of getting scammed is almost down to zero. I did this every time I want to try out a new supplier and I have never been scammed ever since.

fifa 16 fut draft

Another Alternative Guide To Coin Buying

Aside from coin buying, there are other ways of making coins. The full ultimate gold making guide is here. Here are some of them:

The One Player Strategy

This involves using one player to trade and making a transfer list consisting of only that specific player. Also, there will be some people who will not actually know how much the market value of that specific player is. In addition to that, the transfer list limit can be upgraded. Choose a player who might just become popular in the future or who has the possibility to do well. I choose the ones who might not be popular right now, but can be in the future.

The Mass Bidding Method

You start by finding out a player’s average price. Don’t forget to add another 5% as compensation for the tax. Then add another percentage for your targeted price. Mass bidding may not be possible at all times, as it will need the element of luck, but many have reported successfully getting some amount of profit from it.

List your players at appropriate times. Off peak season might give you less profit than weekends, for example. I prefer listing during Saturdays when there are more people online.

Add or decrease the price and see how it goes.

People who do not give much thought to the squad they are putting together are good targets for this strategy. They will only try to do it as fast as they can, look for best price, and get it over with it.

And since these people see the same price range on your listing, they will realize that they are actually being given the right value for a player.

Also, remember that people will most probably also play Ultimate Team and not give much thought to it. All they want to do is play as much as they can and buy the first or second player they see. This way you take advantage of casual players who do not really check prices that much.

Finding the right price is also important. Or for appropriate time, go for a higher price, which will also need you to buy at higher price.

Anyone who has a consistent demand is a good candidate for this method. For example a good defender.

Upgrading Your Listed Player

What to do next is upgrade the players that you have in your listing. Also, find the right player who other people will not also go for, as this way, you will have less competition. When you do this, your value goes higher and you try to play more, which will result to you investing in the more in-demand players.

Master the New Celebrations in FIFA 16

Here is the list of the new celebrations available in FIFA 16. You would do well to pay attention to them, and boost your opponent-annoying-effect to plus 100.

fifa 16 Point Up
Point Up
A classic move among football players and not so difficult to deliver as well. This would be best during games when the score is still at 1-0 or probably 1-1. You can’t do an elaborate celebrate yet as there is still risk of the other team winning at this point. To execute, hold LB and flick the right stick to the left then to the right.

fifa 16 Slide
Timeless, but nonetheless offensive. And fun! To execute, hold LT and tap Y twice.

fifa 16 Bailando Robot
Bailando Robot
If you really want to annoy your opponent, who you just smacked with a 2-1 goal, the Bailando Robot is your go-to move. It is intentionally brash, and is included in my top 5 most exasperating. To execute, old LB and flick the right stick up and then down.

fifa 16 Timber
No, we are not talking about dancing to Ke$ha’s song. In risk of becoming one of the most overutilized celebrations due to its easy button execution, it may look similar to the dead fish. Simple, but just as awful. To execute, hold LT and press B.

fifa 16 Glamour Slide
Glamour Slide
Also known as the Rock Star slide, minus the guitar in hand, this is a really cheeky move in reality. Doesn’t a conceited person who shows off just make you grit your teeth? To execute, hold RB and flick the right stick twice to the left.

fifa 16 Chest Thump
Chest Thump
Primitive, just like the person attributed to it – Tarzan. But definitely fun though. To execute, hold R1 and flick the right stick down twice.

fifa 16 Riding the Wave
Riding the Wave
The wave is the lamest thing to see in sports. Why would you do that, people? I would rather do the Bailando Robot than this one. To execute, hold LB and then press Y.

fifa 16 Knee Slide Fail
Knee Slide Fail
If you like little surprises, then you will like this. Just when you thought your man is about to do a glamour slide, think again. To execute, hold L1 and flick the right stick to the left twice.

fifa 16 KO
For the player who wants to bring out their inner Manny Pacquiao. This combination of air punching and falling over is brought to you by Wayne Rooney. To execute, hold LB and tap X twice.

fifa 16 Camera Interactions
Camera Interactions
Pulling this move off is practically easy – all you have to do is run to the cameraman.

fifa 16 Sub Interactions
Sub Interactions
Similar to camera interactions, all you have to do is run to the subs.