How to Safely Purchase Fifa 17 Coins

Ultimate Team returns in FIFA 17, and with it, the infamous FIFA Coins currency. Every FIFA player knows that to build the greatest team of legends to adorn the pitch, you’re going to need thousands, if not millions, of Coins. In FIFA 17, there are a variety of ways to get Coins, such as completing challenges, selling players you no longer use and winning online multiplayer matches; however, it could take months, if not years, to save enough Coins to get the best players when you use these methods.

Enter the real money trading, or RMT, market, a collection of websites that will sell you FIFA 17 Coins in exchange for cash. Before rushing off and throwing your hard-earned money at the first site you find selling FIFA 17 Coins, take a moment to educate yourself on the process so you can stay safe from dangers such as fraud and identity theft.

Background Check

The first thing to do before even considering a purchase from any RMT website is to do a background check. Sites such as WHOIS and Alexa can give you all of the information about a site that you’ll need, such as who owns the domain, the origin country of the website and much more. However, there is one category that stands out above all others: the age of the website. If an RMT site is under five years old, there is a high chance it is nothing more than a scam. Frequently, scammers will quickly put up an RMT website selling items such as FIFA 17 Coins, amass a few thousand dollars in sales and disappear without a trace, leaving customers without money or Coins. While this isn’t true of every new RMT website, try to stick to ones that have a few years of operation under their belt. However, if you find a newer RMT site you want to purchase from, there is a way to test them, as you’ll see in the next section.


Whois sample of Looking at the creation date, this site has been in the industry since 2009.

Reach Out and Say Hello

The next step is one you should always perform each time you buy Coins from any FIFA 17 RMT website, even ones that have been around for years: Contact their customer service. Reputable sites will answer inquiries quickly and professionally, similar to any other online store. If you’re struggling with what to ask a customer service representative, you can ask them what the current delivery speed is on FIFA 17 Coins and how much stock they currently have on hand. Reputable websites will answer both questions with accurate numbers with a moderate grasp of the English language; if you get a response that is vague and hard to read, you’ll want to steer clear from purchasing Coins from that particular site.

Safeguard Your Privacy

While not a necessary step, some FIFA 17 Coin buyers take some extra precautions to ensure their identity remains as safe as possible. One popular way to protect yourself is to visit and purchase FIFA 17 Coins from websites while your browser is in Incognito Mode. While Incognito Mode only stops your browser from saving a record of the sites you visit, some consumers feel safer when taking this extra step. Likewise, make sure to log out of your account after purchasing Coins from an RMT website, change your password frequently and never visit an RMT website on a public computer. However, there is one important thing you should always remember: Never give your FIFA 17 account password to anyone.

Choose Your Payment Method Carefully

No matter which RMT website you buy your FIFA 17 Coins from, the one thing they’ll all have in common is a broad array of payment options. From well-known payment methods such as PayPal and Western Union to niche methods such as Skrill and CashU, some customers aren’t quite sure which one to select. In fact, some RMT websites even let you input your card number directly! To get the most protection for your hard-earned cash, always opt for PayPal; their purchasing protection is some of the best in the business and, in the event of a scam or a problem with your Coins, PayPal will work with you to get your money back. Never input your card number directly into any these websites, as there is just too much of a risk of getting your numbers stolen due to lackluster website security.


PayPal is a good choice when you want to use RMT service.

Limit Your Purchase Amounts

One of the biggest mistakes any novice to the world of buying FIFA Coins for real money can make is buying massive amounts of Coins at one time. Developer and publisher Electronic Arts is always on the lookout for players who purchase Coins from outside sources and, if you’re caught buying Coins from RMT websites, the company will ban your FIFA 17 account. Purchasing hundreds of thousands of Coins at one time for one single account is like holding up a giant sign that says “I’m buying Coins from an RMT website!”

If you’re not looking to get caught buying Coins, you’ll want to purchase smaller amounts and spread your purchases out over a few days. For example, picking up 5,000 Coins on a Monday and 20,000 Coins on a Thursday will give off the impression of a legitimate player who is simply selling some unwanted cards. Some players even create multiple FIFA 17 accounts they can use to help spread Coins around; for example, buying 20,000 Coins for five different accounts is more inconspicuous than buying 100,000 Coins on one account.

The Right Time to Buy

When purchasing Coins, you’ll want to make your transaction in-game look as legitimate as possible. To do that, you’ll want to try to make your purchases and exchanges during the weekend, as this is both when the most players are online, and the most Coins trade hands. On the weekend, Electronic Arts will find it difficult to determine whether your influx of Coins was due to outside buying or just in-game trading, opting instead just to leave your account alone altogether. If you must get a few Coins on the weekdays, opt for smaller amounts and save your big purchases for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Safety First

Following these rules will ensure that you’re only buying from reputable RMT websites and keeping yourself safe. In the event something does wrong, you have multiple failsafes to fall back upon, ensuring that you can recover your money. However, as long as you take time to research a potential RMT website selling Fifa 17 Coins, you won’t find yourself in any danger in the first place. Fortunately, there’s a website called listing several reputable Fifa 17 suppliers with an option to compare their prices

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