Squad Builder Challenge – New Mode in Fifa 17

“Find players, Build squads, and Exchange for rewards”

A lead producer from Fifa 17, Garreth Reeder, gave a talk on the new feature added in Fifa 17 called “Squad Builder Challenge“. Basically, it is about building a squad with certain requirements using the players you have. Then exchange them for rewards such as a rare player or even Fifa coins.

As stated by the lead producer, EA team have been working on Squad Builder Challenge for a very long time. They want players to use all player cards in the most useful way. While playing Fifa 17, you will be getting a lot of players that sometimes you do not want them.

Some people might buy packs and sell stuff they do not want immediately. EA team do not want this to happen. Instead of throwing away unneeded players right away, you can trade them at a later point in the new challenge for awesome rewards such as rare players, Fifa coins, and more.

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garreth reeder

Different Challenges

There is a different kind of challenges in the new builder including different leagues and puzzles. Some challenges you might even need to give some bronze, silver, and gold players. It means all players, bronze or gold, are necessary.

Several challenges are available at once. Each has different requirements, rewards, and even remaining days. Some might give you 5 days to solve while the other might give you 6. Some are repeatable and some aren’t. Some challenge you might need to provide the extra bronze player, silver player, and even gold player. Do not afraid to trade them since a better reward is waiting.

The puzzle challenge group, such as Hybrid Nations, comes with requirements related to nationalities. For example, “Two Nations” challenge, you need to exchange a squad made up of two nations with at least 60 Chemistry. For “Triple Trouble“, it’s going to be 3 nations and “Quad” for 4 nations. Of cause, a harder challenge comes with better rewards. After you complete all puzzles under “Hybrid Nations” you are going to get group rewards such as a world class player.

There is also the challenge related to leagues. Similar to Hybrid Nations, this time, you need to only use players from a certain club in order to earn rewards.

Current Known Requirements:

  • Team Chemistry – A minimum/maximum amount of team chemistry you must have
  • Team Overall Rating – A minimum/maximum amount of team over rating
  • Player from a club/league – A certain number of player from a certain club/league you must have
  • Nationalities – A certain number of player from a specific nation you must have. Sometimes you need to have 1 Italy player. Sometimes it is going to be your team can have a player from exact 4 different nations.
  • A number of players in the Squad: An amount number of players you need.
  • Bronze/Silver/Gold – A certain number of bronze/silver/gold players you must have.

In the squad builder challenge, you need to use every player you have in your club to meet all challenge requirements. Because of this, it is necessary to never throw away any player since you are going to need it someday in the future. This might be a good way to make coins in Fifa 17.

Squad Builder Challenge in Short

Choose a challenge >> see requirements >> find players on the transfer market or packs >> complete the squad >> meet requirements >> exchange squad for rewards.

fifa 17 squad challenge sample

Still, we haven’t known much about the career mode, just only rumors from fans.