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FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Coin Making Guide

This Fifa 16 Ultimate Team Coin Making Guide aims to provide insider tips and tricks for every one who want to have their pockets full of coins without having to spend their time wastefully on an unproductive technique. All of the below strategies here have proved themselves to be successful to many players and they are quite easy to follow such as Making Money Off One Player and The Best Time to Sell.The most important thing of all, the core part of the guide, aims to give you know-how on how to have enough funds to purchase your favourite players and fully enjoy the game, not to be overstressed with making gold.

Reminder: Be sure to bookmark it since this article will be updated continuously when a new successful technique has been tested!

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Invest in Potentials Instead of Stars

The FIFA 16 Ultimate Team transfer market is a lot like real world stocks; you buy the stocks at dirt-cheap prices and sell them for a hefty profit. In this case, the stocks are players. Look for players who are in-form in real life and are relatively famous in the football world. Don’t go for a complete unknown, but don’t go for huge stars like Messi or Ronaldo. Buy the player at a decent prize within your budget that won’t make you go broke, then sell the player for at least 300 more coins, Remember, don’t set the price too high or that won’t buy. For instance, if I buy Marchisio for 2,000 coins, I’ll sell him for between 2,300-3,000 coins. Anything higher may turn away potential buyers.

Eye on TotW and TotY

Team of the Week and Team of the Year releases offer some of the best times to buy and sell players. TotW players are usually revealed every Wednesday at around 12-1 PM EST. A day or two before Wednesday, prices drop because players are trying to sell their player cards in order to buy a TotW player. Buy the players affected as a result of the market crash, then the day after TotW is released, sell them for a little (about 100 coins) above their average price or set the price up so you make at least a 300 coin profit.

As for the TotY, market prices will be at an all-time low since people are selling their players for cheap to be able to buy ToTY players. Swoop in, buy the now cheaper players, and sell after TotS is released for a net profit of at least 300 coins.

Any player that’s Gold will be a good choice for this trick.

Making Money Off One Player

Monopolizing on one player is a greedy but highly effective way of earning quick fifa 16 gold. First, just like the beginning method, find a popular player within you budget. I will use Marchisio again. Go to the market and search for the player you chose and keep looking for him until you find his lowest price. Say Marchisio’s lowest price was 2,400, you’ll add about 200 coins and then subtract 5% (EA tax) to get the average price. In this example, Marchisio’s average price is 2,600 (with tax it’s 2,470) coins. With this information, keep bidding low on the same player, then sell him for the average price. If a bid ever goes over the average price, stop bidding and pick a different auction of the same player. Keep doing this and you should make a monumental profit in a little under an hour.

Note: It’s ideal to try this when you have at least 10,000 coins. This trick works best on gold players worth over 2,000 coins.

A star like Thomas Muller is good to be in a team squad but not that good to make a profit with.

A star like Thomas Muller is good to be in a team squad but not that good to make a profit with.

The Best Time to Sell

It’s a fact: the UK is the most popular region where Ultimate Team is played. Sell your players at a time when most UK players will be active. If you live in the States, it’s probably a good idea to sell around 12 PM EST to take full advantage of the influx of players.

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Buy Contract Cards in Bulk

We all know that contract cards are extremely important. EVERY FIFA 16 UT player needs a contract card, no matter their skill set. These cards are the very things that allow you player to play on matchday when his matches hit zero. They are arguably the most important consumable in the game, which is why you should you use them to your advantage since there’s ALWAYS going to be a demand for some contract cards. Buy 20 or so cards at a time, all for around the same price (e.g Buy 20 cards for 200 coins each) then sell them off for about 300-500 coins for a MASSIVE profit. Selling contract cards will always be a surefire way to earn money because the demand will always be there.

Extra Tips

Here are some miscellaneous tips that don’t fit under one category. Stay up to date with our fifa guide and what’s going on in the footballing world. If Diego Costa or any other player happens to be on a fine run of form or had a good game, that would be a good time to sell him (if you have that card of course) and balloon up the prices. Keep listing your cards throughout the day. Don’t give up because one auction failed. Lastly, don’t expect to get rich quick. All these methods require time and PATIENCE.

As always, have fun playing FIFA 16!