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Fifa 17 Bring Changes to Set Pieces

EA has released more information on a new Fifa 17 feature that is all about Set Pieces. Fifa 17 completely revamps how they are going to work. Hopefully, it will benefit the game without many glitches. It’s known that every time the developer brings new features and mechanics to the game, there are going to be bugs and technical problems. And sometimes, it might not even work.

This is another gameplay change in Fifa 17 after the physical play overhaul. Before we take a look at what the new Set Pieces system is, let’s take a look at the official description. It is a complete rewrite from set piece, to direct free kicks, corner kicks, penalty, and even throw-in

Fifa 17 Set Pieces Rewrite

“From free kicks to penalties to corner kicks, inject personality and experience control from every dead ball situation. “

In Fifa 16, it is extremely to score a goal with free kicks if you have a decent free kick taker. It should be harder in Fifa 17. Once sometime becomes too easy, it will be less fun when we score. If you know that 9/10 time you get a free kick, it will finally turn into a goal in the end. This is not something to excite about at all.

With the new free kicks system, we can now kick the ball in a different style, angle, and even different spot. It’s up to a player decision what way they would like to turn the ball in. We might even be able to execute the famous banana shot from Roberto Carlos by extremely spinning the ball.

Direct Free Kicks

“Customize your run up on free kicks to create more variety in the spin and movement on the ball. You can now delivery worldies like outside of the foot direct free kicks that bend around the opposition. “

It will be definitely incredible if the new free kick system works. In addition, we will be more excited when getting the free kick since we can do many ways with it. And, hopefully, it’s not going to be very easy to score a goal or have any glitch or bugs.

New Corner Kicks

“A new targeting system from corners lets you pick out teammates with greater precision and changes the way your teammates move as you delivery the pass. Switch to a player in the box and have your teammate pick you out for the perfect header. “

This mechanic, however, isn’t something new at all. It is quite similar to Fifa 16 that you can select a player and move him around to get the ball cross in during throw-in. EA might want to make it better since only a few player uses it in Fifa 16.

Fifa 17 Corner Kicks

New Penalty Kicks

” Move freely in your run up on the ball, approach from different angles and at different speeds, and put some personality on your penalties to take control from the spot. “

This sounds really amazing. It means we get control on the penalty taker not just only to choose a direction. And it’s going to be more awesome if we can deceive the goalkeeper with it.

User Controller Throw-Ins

“Walk the line to gain a better position on your throw. Fake your throw to keep your defender guessing. And throw it with pace to a teammate.”

It is very simple addition yet makes the game more realistic. You can now move along the line to get a better throw-in position. This also means that we might be able to move the wall up during free kicks. A fake thrown-in can give an advanced advantage to a person who takes the throw.

This completes the set piece overhaul in Fifa 17. They sound really good and we all hope that it will be good or even better when the game releases. Don’t miss Fifa 17 news with our news summaries!

User Controller Throw-Ins

New Fifa 17 Feature Physical Play Overhaul Explained

Because of the bad reputation in Fifa 16, EA has revamped Physical Play in Fifa 17 giving hope to all Fifa fans. Although we might not fully know what “Physical Play Overhaul” is about, we can expect what it will be in the game based on gameplay video and its description on the official site.

The new overhaul is explained on the official Fifa website as “A transformation in the way players physically interact in all areas of the pitch. Control is now in your hands as you battle for space and possession.”

It can be a good addition to Fifa 17 next to the Squad Builder Challenge. However, as we know, it can be totally different when the game finally comes out. It might even never work at all.

Physical Play Overhaul

Pushback Tech

The first mechanic mentioned in the Physical Play Overhaul is called “Pushback Tech”. It “innovates in trapping, dribbling, physics, and defending to create true-to-life battles for position and the ball. This is especially important when you want to control the ball and buy time for a teammate to make a run or get into a supporting position. “

The Pushback Tech sounds really promising since we can get more control of the ball and prevent the opponent team to steal it from us. In Fifa 16, several times we come up against a player that always slides up the ball and successfully steal the ball without any chance of defending. With the mechanic, we can prevent this by using a big player to hold the ball and pass to other players.

New Physical Interactions

The second mechanic, New Physical Interactions: ”player interactions come to life in realistic details across the enter pitch, like goalkeeper collisions, across body tackle, 50/50 battles, jostling while ball is in the air and ball controls while shielding”.

Unlike the Pushback Tech, this mechanic might give concern to a lot of players. Normally, the more physical interaction developer team adds to the game, the worse the game is and the more frustrated we get.

Based on the description, it sounds like the penalty kicks will be given more often because of a goalkeeper. Hope that this time, it’s not going to be a 100% free kick or penalty in every jostling and goalkeeper collisions.

360 Degree Shield

The final mechanic, 360 degree shield “New proximity based shielding will help you fend off opponents and keep possession. Defenders can be shielded out as you dribble in any direction.” This feature is quite interesting in itself but we need to wait and see when the game comes out.