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FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Coins Making Guide

Gamers all around the world eagerly anticipate each year’s release of the latest installation in the FIFA series, and FIFA 17 is no different. While FIFA 16 divided gamers into a love-hate relationship, the latest edition has taken huge strides to improve gameplay, so with FIFA 17 on the shelves, it’s time to get back out onto the virtual pitch.

One of the best features of recent FIFA games is the Fifa Ultimate Team (FUT) mode, which allows players to build their own Champions League-level squad from scratch. FUT offers thrilling contests and tournaments for online play, making it one of the most popular ways to play the game. The only catch: to unlock packs of some of the best players available, you need to earn gold coins. Lots of them. So if you want to get in on the FUT action, including qualifying for the new FUT Champions League, follow our guide to earning tons of Fifa 17 gold coins:

Market Trading Strategies

There are a multitude of market trading strategies that can earn you some serious coin, and we’ll highlight a two of the more effective ones:

One of the most consistent ways to have the coins flowing in is by buying low and selling high on player cards in the market, exploiting differences in price. Start by compiling a list of players that you know are in high demand, and that many players are looking to purchase for their Ultimate Team (guys like Ibrahimovic, Messi, Ronaldo, etc). These players don’t need to just be the very elite ones however, as long as they are high quality and in-demand. Once you have a target group of players, search for their cards on the market, and pick out the lowest “Buy Now” price.

Take that price, add around 200 coins to it, and put the player right back out on the market. This is an immediate buy and sell strategy, and while 200 coins per player may not sound like an extremely appealing profit to make on each transaction, it is an easy way to generate a steady flow of coins to increase your budget.

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A key to executing this trade strategy is remembering that the market for players is extremely fluid, and can change on a day-to-day basis. Keep up with recent events in the real world of football, as they will influence the market demand for specific players. For instance, if Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang scores a hat trick in the Bundesliga, the demand for him will go up. If you buy his card immediately after he nets his third, you may still be able to find a deal on his card, allowing you to profit more on selling him back on the market.

Keep repeating this process, and you can net yourself a decent number of coins without ever having to play a match. If you’re looking for a bigger return on your trading strategies, then you can try a longer term strategy of buying and holding players.

Buying and holding players can net you many more coins, but it is a slightly riskier strategy. The goal of this strategy is to buy players that you think are currently undervalued on the market, then wait until their value goes back up to sell them at a higher price. Or a popular player for the squad team building. The risk involved here, of course, is if the player continues to struggle, and his value drops even further. Then you’re stuck with him.

The upside to this strategy though is just like when you buy cheap stocks in the stock market, there is an opportunity to make a ton of coins if the value of that player suddenly shoots upward. You can buy a player for cheap and then turn around and make a killing off him. There are two specific different strategies that we suggest you try to with this.

One, purchase a player who has a reputation and history of being great, but is currently in poor form. If you have reason to believe that he will bounce back sometime in the near future, you can buy him for a low price and sell him for a lot more once he bounces back, because the demand for him will return and push his price higher.

Two, purchase a player directly before an upcoming easy stretch in his fixtures, even if you feel that his current price is not super cheap. The reason for this is that players facing a string of poor clubs are more likely to have breakout performances, which will boost their value and market price. For instance, if Manchester United is set to take on a pair of poor quality opponents in back-to-back weeks, it may be a good time to purchase Zlatan Ibrahimovic, with the intent of selling him after a couple of stellar weeks.

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The sooner you can snap up players on the market the better, because the longer the game has been out, the more coins players will have, meaning that players on the open market are cheaper to begin with, but will become more expensive once there are more coins flowing around in the game.

Coin Boosts

If utilizing the trading market doesn’t sound that appealing to you, don’t worry. You can still make a good number of gold coins by just playing the game. The best way to do this is by using the coin boost features, which will increase the rewards for the matches that you play. These are highly sought after in the FIFA catalogue, so make sure you get them as soon as you can.

Coin boosts can offer things like 1,000 additional coins for 10 straight matches, which can quickly boost your gold total and allow you to pursue better player packs.

Good Old Fashioned Gaming

While there are lots of tricks of the trade to increase your gold coin total, nothing is more tried and true (and less risky) than just playing the game until your thumbs fall off (okay, don’t play quite that long). Entering single player and FUT Champions tournaments will always pay off in gold coins, and while it may not be the quickest way to build your budget, it will hone your FIFA skills at the same time. Continue to grind your way up the divisions in the single players league, and take your chances at winning a cup whenever you get them. Another option is playing your way through the The Journey campaign, which will give you player packs as you progress, which you can then turn into gold on the player market.

Work Your Friend Group

When all else fails, it’s time to con (or beg) your friends into helping you out a bit. See if your friends have any top shelf players that they can spare, and make sure you let them know how much you would appreciate a little bit of help. Maybe your friend has been luckier with their player packs, or maybe they just have no life and have accumulated way too many players through sheer volume of gameplay. Either way, any players they could send your way could really help you in your pursuit of making FIFA gold.

FIFA 17 is already proven to be yet another engaging and addictive game from EA Sports. Follow this guide to rake in the gold coins, and start dominating the FIFA Ultimate Team.

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